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The Bowels


"Keep your mouth closed and your bowels open and you will never need a lawyer or a doctor" Wilton Herz.

These are words of wisdom. And so much of our health resides in the bowels. The bowels are the lower part of our digestive tract. This is the tubular structure from mouth to anus and the bowels are the small intestine and large intestine. Included in the large intestine are the ascending colon, transverse colon, descending colon, sigmoid colon, rectum and anus. These structures perform the final stages of digestion and elimination.

The function of the bowel is to extract water from the fecal matter making a solid stool that is easy to pass. As this water is extracted final digestion is accomplished by the many microbes present in the bowels. Most of our immune response takes place here. Useful bacteria compete with unfriendly bacteria to maintain a healthy balance. Completing the digestion process we then have a normal bowel movement to expel the waste from our system. This...

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The Preventable Aggravation


Aggravations are part of the homeopathic healing process. They can be mild or severe. And they can be managed so that they do not interfere with life so much. They can also be mismanaged and even created by improper prescribing. I will go over a  common mistake and how to avoid it.

Posology is the study of potency and the frequency of the dose. The selection of the remedy is based on the individual. The selection of the potency and how to apply it is also based on the individual. This is a slightly different process to select the correct posolgy.

I find that most cases are much easier to manage with lower potencies and daily dosing. A daily dose is in harmony with our own biorhythms. The sun rises each day and the sun sets each day. By giving a daily dose, one time per day, it is inviting the vital force to respond to the remedy based on our own biorythm.

Because lower potencies are traditionally less aggravating, they are much easier to manage this way. It is simply inviting...

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A topic of the day now is opioid addiction. It is epidemic in America at this time because of the acquired dependency on commonly prescribe pain-killers. But addiction is not just limited to drugs. We can become addicted to anything. The most common addictions are drugs, alcohol, food and sex.

Addiction is the disruptive behavior or activity associated with a habitual inclination.

We can have many types of addiction, some of which are positive. We can be addicted to exercise or even homeopathy for instance. (I know I am). These usually do not cause a disruption in normal activity even though they can be habitual. It is the seeming lack of control and choice that leads to addiction. Homeopathy can help some addictions. But some addictions are much more difficult to address with homeopathy.

I will explain a few of the addictions that you may come up with in your practice. Drug addiction is the leading addiction and is the most difficult to treat homeopathically. This is because the...

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What's Asking to be Healed


The greatest challenge for any homeopath is to truly perceive the case. It is imperative that we understand what the vital force is expressing. Only when we can perceive this accurately can we know what is asking to be healed.

During our most recent class at Resonance School of Homeopathy I became painfully aware that the greatest challenge for all students as well as professional homeopaths is to be able to clearly define the case before them. We hear a big story sometimes. Other times we do not get much of a story at all from the client. It is our job as the homeopath to be unprejudiced and simply understand the case for what it is.

I find that the biggest hurdle for most homeopaths is to distill the information in to a central core disturbance. This ALWAYS comes out of the testimony of the client and the observations of the homeopath. This process is not an easy one. There is NO ONE SINGLE WAY to come to this because not all cases are the same.

There comes a time in the case when...

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Diet and Exercise


It is not often I recommend more than a single homeopathic remedy to a client. Those clients who are in relatively good health sometimes ask what more they can do to take care of themselves. Vitamins and supplements can be helpful but require a certain expertise in using them correctly. I find that the need for vitamins diminishes when good diet  and exercise are adopted. Of all of the recommendations though, these two are the most difficult for people to follow because it involves a lifestyle change, not just the taking of another pill.

Hahnemann recognized that our lifestyle is integral to our general health. He also recommended that we remove all foods that could have a medicinal effect. He referred to this in Aphorism 260. In Aphorism 261 he addressed the issue directly, "The most appropriate regimen during the employment of medicine in chronic diseases consists in the removal of such obstacles to recovery, and in supplying where necessary the reverse: innocent moral and...

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Susceptibility is the whole reason why homeopathy works. With out susceptibility there would be no ability of the vital force to recognize the homeopathic remedy energy. Let's explore the roots of susceptibility.

When studying the subject of our existence there comes a time when the real question boils down to why. Why are we here? Why do we have this life to live? Why do our lives turn out the way they are? Why do we suffer? The answer to these questions will lead us back to susceptibility and the spiritual nature of our being.

I have contemplated these questions much in my life and have formulated an opinion. I will share this opinion with you, but by no means is my opinion the definitive word on these subjects. If this essay inspires you to your own investigation, great. If it resonates with you, great. If you disagree, great. I have no agenda here other than to answer the question about susceptibility in the only way I know how. It all links back to spirituality.


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No Remedy? Now What?


There are so many remedies in our Materia Medica it is really impossible to have every remedy you need, in the potency you need, available for instant administration?  What do you do when you know the remedy you want to give but don't have it?

         I have found that dealing with a reputable pharmacy that stocks many remedies in a variety of potencies is an absolute must being a professional homeopath. I use Hahnemann Labs for most purchases of remedies and can have them delivered in as little as 2 days by standard mail. But in any situation where I need the remedy in a shorter amount of time, I'm stuck.

         As you all well know, two days can be an eternity when it comes to changing health conditions. There are other ways to "make" the remedy that fall a little bit out of the norm for "standard remedy preparation". But if these methods work then the possibility for help are worth...

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The Importance of Good Materia Medica


The Materia Medica is any information compiled about a Substance that will lead to a better understanding of the properties of the Substance.  Materia Medica are the materials of our medicine. In Homeopathy it is usually a compilation of symptoms collected from provings or common knowledge about the Substance. Good Materia Medica can really open up understanding about the remedies we are using. It helps complete the picture of the remedy that will be most useful to help inspire a person to heal.

Sometimes information about a Substance comes from the most unlikely sources outside of Homeopathy. I have a very basic book about the elements written by a very passionate Professor who explains the most unlikely information about each element. His descriptions are brief and concise but carry a lot of information about the elements. This is Materia Medica. The same can come from the plant or animal kingdom. The energy of the Substance is released through the potentization process and...

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Quick Accurate Prescribing


There is no substitute for thoroughness in homeopathy. But it does not need to take days to prescribe the correct remedy. In fact,  I have found that the longer one mulls over the possibilities of understanding the case and remedies, the farther they get from the real energy of the case. When the case is understood well it forms the foundation for everything that follows. This is a process that does not need to take a long time.

The first step in quick prescribing is to get out of ones own way. Let go and allow. Ask for help from higher powers and be ready to see everything. When opening up this awareness and aligning oneself with a focused intent, many things will happen and be seen that otherwise would be unnoticed. Doing this simple exercise will do more to become the prejudiced observer that is necessary to "see the case".

The next step is to align our head with our heart. This allows us to balance what we think with what we feel. It is not enough to form ideas about a case...

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How to Become a Homeopath


The purpose of this report is to share with you the things you need to know when the idea has hit you that you want to become a homeopath but don't know the first thing about how to get there. Homeopathy is a science. The practice of homeopathy is an art. How do you bring these two elements together? That’s the job of the homeopath.

Homeopathy can be simple once it is understood but difficult to master. This report will explain it all. The simple things you need to know and the difficult things you will encounter and how to get around it all. This report will give you the fast track way to streamline your learning and cut your costs.

As this title refers this is not an article about homeopathy but an article that will help you on your path to becoming a homeopath. So what is a homeopath? The homeopath is a person who uses the principles of homeopathy to understand what needs to be healed in an individual, (one of the most difficult aspects), applies knowledge of the repertory...

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