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Mental Rubrics


Mental symptoms are very important in understanding what is happening for each client. How they see their world and how they are able to respond to it is key to properly assessing what is asking to be healed.

Converting a symptom into the language of the repertory requires that we know what each of the rubrics mean. It is a very narrow difference in definitions that can distinguish one rubric from another. This could effect your remedy choices and the remedy you may end up selecting.

A common question I get is how do you find the words of the person in the repertory. Often you will not be able to directly translate into the mind section. But if you understand what the person is really saying there is often a rubric that will best describe it.

I will go over a few key and common rubrics and what they mean. This list is by no means complete. But it may help you to study a bit about mental rubrics and get more familiar with how to define them and use them.

  • Abashed- to strike with...
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A student of ours has questions regarding parasitic infections. I wanted to take this opportunity to respond. A parasite is an organism that lives, within, upon or at the expense of another organism (host) without contributing to its survival.

Parasites usually enter the body through the mouth or the skin. Parasites that enter through the mouth remain  in the  intestine and can burrow through the intestinal wall and invade other organs.

Parasites that enter through the skin usually enter through the bite of an infected insect or may bore through the skin. Some parasites enter through the soles of the feet or skin when the ground or water has parasites present.

Most parasite infections are diagnosed by blood, stool or urine analysis. Repeated samples may be necessary to detect the parasite. Food, drink and water are the most common ways we become infected. Poor sanitation and unhygienic practices contribute to most parasite infections.

The most common parasitic infections...

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Potency - Methods of Production


I recently had a very good question from a student regarding different results of the same remedy and potency manufactured by different homeopathic laboratories. Her observation was that she had different responses to the same remedies that were manufactured by different pharmacies. Some pharmacies remedies were stronger and had more of an effect. She wondered why this was so.

Over the years many different methods for potentization have been experimented with in efforts to save on the materials used to make the remedies. Using the methods that Hahnemann described would require the use of thousands of vials in the making of higher potencies, not to mention the time involved by having to utilize human labor in the hand sucussion process. This would make the higher potencies (30C and higher) very expensive.

In Hahnemann's method of potentization the original mother tincture or triturate is dissolved as one part to 99 parts of alcohol and water. This is shaken (succussed) vigorously by...

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Caring Too Much


Is it possible to care too much for your client? I believe it is and see it happen to some of my students as they begin to manage cases. Caring too much can lead to lack of clarity as well as ill health on the part of the practitioner. Let me explain more.

Often we make emotional ties to our clients especially if we like them. Some people we are drawn to in a personal way even though they are our clients. This is a natural response to another human being. There can be great affinity for another. Other clients we do not make the same emotional bonds with and it seems a little easier, even if Hahnemann warned us to be unprejudiced observers. It is prejudice to have any feelings beyond empathy. Sympathy is to have feelings that are similar to the person you are in sympathy with. To feel these it is usually because they trigger a similar hurt that we carry in ourselves.

When we are in sympathy with another we have lost our clarity. We are now experiencing our own emotional response. We...

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Dengue Fever


For any of you who live in the tropics or have travelled there you may have encountered Dengue Fever. Also known as "Break-bone Fever", if you've had it you will probably always remember it. It is one of the more common tropical diseases and can be effectively treated with homeopathy. It can reach epidemic proportions and has a similar distribution as Malaria. It also is spread by infection from the bite of a mosquito.

     Dengue is a Spanish word meaning prudery. This name is applicable to this disease because of the fact that in Dengue Fever there is stiffness of the neck and shoulders, portraying the look of one with a reserved state and excess strictness of manners. The physical restriction of movement creates a posture that one could assume was of a prude.  It also produces high fever, severe pains in the bones and joints accompanied with swelling and in some cases hemorrhages with bleeding under the skin, from the gums, nosebleed or internal bleeding....

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No Remedy? Now What?


There are so many remedies in our Materia Medica it is really impossible to have every remedy you need, in the potency you need, available for instant administration?  What do you do when you know the remedy you want to give but don't have it?

         I have found that dealing with a reputable pharmacy that stocks many remedies in a variety of potencies is an absolute must being a professional homeopath. I use Hahnemann Labs for most purchases of remedies and can have them delivered in as little as 2 days by standard mail. But in any situation where I need the remedy in a shorter amount of time, I'm stuck.

         As you all well know, two days can be an eternity when it comes to changing health conditions. There are other ways to "make" the remedy that fall a little bit out of the norm for "standard remedy preparation". But if these methods work then the possibility for help are worth...

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The Bowels


"Keep your mouth closed and your bowels open and you will never need a lawyer or a doctor" Wilton Herz.

These are words of wisdom. And so much of our health resides in the bowels. The bowels are the lower part of our digestive tract. This is the tubular structure from mouth to anus and the bowels are the small intestine and large intestine. Included in the large intestine are the ascending colon, transverse colon, descending colon, sigmoid colon, rectum and anus. These structures perform the final stages of digestion and elimination.

The function of the bowel is to extract water from the fecal matter making a solid stool that is easy to pass. As this water is extracted final digestion is accomplished by the many microbes present in the bowels. Most of our immune response takes place here. Useful bacteria compete with unfriendly bacteria to maintain a healthy balance. Completing the digestion process we then have a normal bowel movement to expel the waste from our system. This...

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The Tong Ren Method


Inspirational Healing and the Tong Ren method.

By David Holt DO, HMD

In the Fall of 2009 I encountered a method of healing which appeared to be both peculiar and fascinating:  Tong Ren.  In the previous four years or so I had been emphasizing the practice of integrative medicine in the care of folks with a diagnosis of cancer.  This was a tremendous opportunity to explore the limitations of both orthodox and alternative healing methods and there were many cases where the best we could do was provide relief and comfort until their passing.

The Tong Ren method was devised by Tom Tam, an acupuncturist in Boston Massachusetts over a decade ago.  He is well known for getting very good results in a wide variety of challenging cases and a large portion of his clientele are diagnosed with cancer.

The technique is disarmingly simple and based on a system which sees that meridian and other blockages in particular patterns are responsible for a given illness.  Rather...

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Radiation Update


The disaster at Fukushima Daiichi power plant in Japan is old news now. After over two and a half years the situation is still about the same and growing more precarious everyday. All of the power generating nuclear reactors are damaged. There are reports that three of them are in uncontrolled meltdown. The location of the radioactive material may not be clearly known because the radiation levels are so extreme there is no way to get close enough to the melting blob. This material has most likely melted through the containment vessel made of very thick concrete.

This disaster is far worse than the Chernobyl nuclear power disaster. When the hydrogen explosion blew the top off of the reactors there was an incredible fireball sent high into the sky. With it was a release of highly radioactive particles that have drifted into our atmosphere. 8 days after the explosion the radioactive fallout made it to the North American continent where it has been distributed....

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A topic of the day now is opioid addiction. It is epidemic in America at this time because of the acquired dependency on commonly prescribe pain-killers. But addiction is not just limited to drugs. We can become addicted to anything. The most common addictions are drugs, alcohol, food and sex.

Addiction is the disruptive behavior or activity associated with a habitual inclination.

We can have many types of addiction, some of which are positive. We can be addicted to exercise or even homeopathy for instance. (I know I am). These usually do not cause a disruption in normal activity even though they can be habitual. It is the seeming lack of control and choice that leads to addiction. Homeopathy can help some addictions. But some addictions are much more difficult to address with homeopathy.

I will explain a few of the addictions that you may come up with in your practice. Drug addiction is the leading addiction and is the most difficult to treat homeopathically. This is because the...

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