An Update on COVID-19

It was on March 5 that I first wrote about the COVID-19 pandemic. Oh my, so much has changed since then. Most of the things I talked about then have come to pass. The times we are in are changing rapidly. So I'd like to give another update on what new information has come to light in the time that has passed.

First, about viruses! Viruses are not some protein from outer-space that invades us. They are a by-product and messenger from our own cells. They are called exosomes and are used to communicate to distant parts of our body and, when shedded, to communicate to others of our species. It is a survival tool that has evolved over hundreds of thousands of years. All species have this capability, from plants to trees and others in the plant and animal kingdom.

When we are ill, the cell discharges a tiny bit of specific RNA. As the RNA leaves the cell, it envelopes in a bit of the cell wall. This allows the RNA to have specific receptors that can attach together cells in the body. If the body is seriously ill, it will shed these exosomes (virus) through a discharge and it is the same as a viral communicable disease. This is to share information to others of our species that "I am sick." It could be deadly. If your immune system can stop this, then we will survive as a species. This is what is referred to as herd immunity. It is an evolutionary miracle ensuring our survival.
There is much talk about vaccines. Vaccines do not cause immunity. It is a way to ask the body to respond to a particular influence by hopefully creating an antigen response. Our immune systems are much more sensitive and when they are strong, we might never even know of our exposure. We are seeing this with the latest testing (which I have serious doubts about.) Viruses mutate regularly in response to their interaction with different immune systems. So far there is a minimum of 8 different mutations since this virus has affected a million people. If you make a vaccine from one mutation, there is no assurance that an antigen response will be created for all mutations.
Currently, Bill Gates has become the unofficial voice for vaccination speaking of his investments in 8 different vaccination companies that he is funding through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. From a very limited and not always scientific basis, he has become the voice of vaccination with a desire to have everyone vaccinated. He also wants to have a vaccination card or possibly an invisible tattoo for everyone. This reminds me of the type of tyranny that existed in Nazi Germany. If you don't have your shot, you cannot travel or possibly get a driver's license. This would effectively give the government control of your health. I do not fear the disease. If I get sick, I know that homeopathy can help me. And should I die, that will then be the cause.
I do not trust what is put into these vaccines. Many heavy metal adjuvants and other pieces of DNA from other organisms are a part of the mix. I am sure that vaccination has created more disease than it has helped. Just look at the vaccination schedule children are receiving in this day and age. And there are less healthy children than ever before. If this observation can be noticed by myself who does not have to look so hard, I can only imagine the very smart people in the know who are making these vaccines could really say about them. Follow the money. It is the only industry that has successfully petitioned Congress to have immunity from any prosecution for the harm done to others from their products. There is a fund set up to manage complaints worth billions of dollars. Their vaccines are not safe and they know it.
When I first wrote about COVID-19, there was not much known about it. Now that we have been in quarantine to "flatten the curve," we know a bit more. The first thing we know is that this disease affects people like no other. But it has its most devastating effects on the aged and those with a compromised immune system. I have friends who work in the ER and a doctor on the floor of our local hospital who are very upset regarding the self-isolation order and the spread of the disease. Firstly, the death rate is far below what the WHO initially predicted. It was this "pandemic" and deadly quality that has led to the collapse of our economy. The continued isolation and shuttered business are creating a bigger drain on our immune systems and stress is a killer in its own right. The hospital here is at 1/3 capacity. Due to the fear-mongering, in a few week periods of time, two floors of the parking garage at the hospital were converted to a makeshift overflow hospital extension. It has never been used.
The fear that the media is reporting constantly is not founded. Yes, there have been deaths, but less so than in most other flu seasons. It has just never been reported before. No one has taken these drastic measures in the past. And life went on. I cannot help but think there is a greater agenda here. If the "pandemic" had not happened, there is a very great possibility that our economy would have crashed anyway. Back in October, there were big red flags happening around interbank lending that fore-shadowed a banking collapse. If the pandemic were not started then we most likely would be in a similar situation but have no finger to point at anything other than the banks.
By mandatory ordering all nonessential businesses to close their doors, they have put many small businesses into jeopardy. Many of these will never recover. The bigger corporate business, especially in the entertainment and restaurant business are owned by very large corporate interests. They were first in line to get the handouts from the government. It seems the corporations are benefiting from all of this economic chaos.
The narrative we are hearing is that by self-isolating, we are protecting people. If this idea were sound, then why not isolate those most vulnerable and let the rest of the world continue on. I observe that most people bought the idea of "for the public good" initially. But the masses are getting restless. I am not sure how much longer people will be wanting to continue in this fashion.
I see the levels of mistrust with people wearing their face masks. What a way to pit people against each other by covering the ability to smile and share this with others. Everyone must stay 6 feet from each other. And everyone is suspect. This social distancing is not conducive to a society that I am wanting or familiar with. If this becomes the new "norm," then we have lost our real sense of humanity. As a homeopath, our job is to restore to health. Humans are meant to evolve into more loving and kind people where our connection increases. It is part of the model for health. The response to COVID-19 is taking us away from health in every direction.
The only thing to fear is fear itself. And the real boogyman is the one you cannot see and suspect might be lurking on everyone you come into contact with. F-E-A-R is False Evidence Appearing Real. We must question everything. Do not believe all you hear regarding this virus.
There have been many "conspiracy theories" around this illness. What has been proven is that the virus is man-made. It carries strains of HIV and SARS that both have been proven to be weapons-grade virus produced to kill humans at war. It may not be as virulent as we might think but just knowing this makes me question the world we are living in.
The latest idea is that 5G millimeter waves are causing this. I do not believe they are the cause but might greatly contribute to the disease. Oxygen molecules have proven to have the valence spin in the presence of 5G. Thereby the oxygen in our bodies will not be absorbed correctly. This is in line with the latest findings that the disease is more like hypoxia or altitude sickness than the inflammation present with pneumonia. This energy has been around a long time and was first used as a weapon against people for crowd dispersion. Take a beam of this and direct it at people and they will be running to get away as their skin feels like it is on fire.
Never before in the history of the world have we been blanketed with electromagnetic fields of radiation. The earth's Schumann Resonance is 7.83 GHz. The human body in a state of health is also the same. We resonate with the earth. But in the last 100 years, electricity and a myriad of other ionizing and non-ionizing radiations have been released into our environment. We receive all of these and no regulatory agency has been developed to protect us. The telecommunications industry has a regulatory agency but it is for the benefit of the corporation and not the human beings exposed to it. At a recent Congressional hearing, the representative of the telecom industry admitted that no human studies have been done with 5G. Yet they are putting up millions of these devices. Elon Musk wants to blanket the entire word with satellites beaming 5G at every square inch of the planet to have communications everywhere. He has already started launching these satellites. What this does to the living environment may truly bring the end to our civilization and life on the planet. It won't happen overnight, but when all of the bees are gone we will have lost our pollinators our food supply will suffer greatly. Already 70% of the bees have been killed. The mysterious phenomena of Colony Collapse Disorder is just now being attributed to non-ionizing radiations from cell phones and the confusion to the electromagnetic fields around our earth.
We are under attack and may not know it. Trying to understand the Covid-19 crisis has led me to these connections. The times we are living in are so different after only a few months that one must stand up and take notice. This is an incredible opportunity to overcome fear and question everything. We must start to speak up and be heard. If I am at the store, I ask people who I am in contact with what they think about this lock-down and response. It gets the conversation going. I encourage them to talk to others. Get informed. Let your elected officials at all levels know how you feel. Open your mind and hearts to really ask yourself, "What kind of world do I want to live in?" We are at a turning point and apathy will get us a world we may not really want. We must be proactive now! Once liberties are removed, they are never given back. They only come through violence. This is not the world I want to be a co-creator of.
These two doctors may be saying what really needs to be said. Watch the videos until the very end.
- Dr. Erickson COVID-19: Part 1
- Dr. Erickson COVID-19: Part 2

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