Homeopathy as a Spiritual Path

philosophy May 26, 2020

Hahnemann recognized the spiritual basis for homeopathy. He spoke about it often in the Organon and gave us a guide for spirituality as well as healing. He referred to the vital force as a spirit like dynamis that animates our body (Aphorism 15). As homeopaths, we must always remember that it is the outwardly manifesting derangement of the vital force that is recognizable as dis-ease. In every case, we should be diligent to keep this in mind. Doing so can be a constant reminder of our own spiritual essence.

Hahnemann also told us to be unprejudiced observers (Aphorism 6). This means to lay our prejudgment aside. We must not hold contempt for another and treat them with respect, dignity, and as if we have never seen or heard a story like this before. It is a good practice to be this good of a listener to all people. When we meet another, it is following the higher call of homeopathy if we meet them without prejudice.

Hahnemann also told us that our high and only mission was to restore the sick to health (Aphorism 1). If we keep this in mind in all of our daily doings, we are actually sending the prayer for health and happiness for all beings. We can do this with the thought alone but actions speak much louder. With this in mind, it becomes easy to lend a helping hand making someone's load a little easier to carry, whether it be their groceries or their sorrows.

In Aphorism 6, Hahnemann warned of transcendental speculations. By keeping our minds clear of conjecture, we can be free to enjoy the moment in its full glory. Acceptance of "what is" leads to real freedom. When the mind is free from the torments of unfulfilled expectations, we can accept the conditions of our life easier. Happiness then becomes the basic state of mind in the absence of disappointment.

When we study Materia Medica, we can see hidden treasures and truths that are brought forth by the potentization of the substance. The universe then reveals her secrets. In a very real sense, we can begin to see the interconnectedness of all things. There really is no separation. This wondrous marvel of G-d’s creation can keep us connected to our higher source. Let this inspire you daily as you go about your lives.

Homeopathy is spiritual medicine. It also carries the blueprint for all truth. Living from this truth can be a spiritual path. Homeopathy can be a guide for your spiritual path.


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