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Holiday Gift Ideas for Homeopaths

A common tradition for those people celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa is gift giving. It is always nice to give and receive a gift during the holiday (Holy Days) season. For any of you who are interested in homeopathy, there a quite a few ideas for gifts that you can share with others or request yourself if that is appropriate. I’ll share a few of my favorite books and other gift ideas for the homeopathic enthusiast in your circle.

For anyone new to homeopathy, there are many good books that introduce homeopathy and ways a person can start to help themselves or their family.

Here are a few book gift ideas:

  • The Complete Homeopathy Handbook, by Miranda Castro
  • Homeopathic Family Home Care, by Dr. Ravi Roy
  • The Homeopathy First Aid Handbook, by Kenneth S. Pittaway
  • Homeopathy – A Complete Reference Guide to Acute Ailments,  by Laura Harr
  • Homeopathic Guide for Travelers, by Dr Ravi Roy
  • Homeopathic Medicine for Women, by Dr Trevor Smith
  • Homeopathic Medicines of...
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Being Grateful for NASH

It is Thanksgiving week here in America. The holiday celebrates bountiful harvests and preparation for winter. It is a time to be thankful and show gratitude for the bounty we have received. And one of the things I am grateful for is NASH, the North American Society of Homeopaths.

This organization has been serving homeopathy and the professional homeopath since 1990. NASH provides professional unity and strength for the homeopath. NASH is a voice among all other health care modalities being a powerful presence in society at all levels; social, health, political, and legal.

NASH provides credentialing for professional homeopaths. Candidates who are accepted receive the RSHom (NA) credential (Registered Society of Homeopaths) (North America). This credential (although not a legal credential for practice) is the most recognized credential in homeopathy around the world. The title is not easily achieved and sets the highest standards for the professional homeopath.

In addition to...

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Dealing With a Client's Other Healing Modalities

It is easy to become fanatical about homeopathy, especially when dealing with other modalities that can be suppressive or interfere with the healing process. It is one of the biggest challenges to homeopaths today in this world of allopathic medicine. What is the best way to deal with this when your client is seeing other doctors and using other modalities as well?

I have found that educating my client is a process that needs time and needs to be repeated often. I find during the initial interview and discussion that the usual client hears and retains about 20% of what was discussed. They will come with a list of all of the drugs being taken and all of the different modalities of healing they are using in their approach to healing. Some of them do not work so well with the homeopathic approach.

The first step is getting them to take responsibility for their own healing. I usually share what I know to be true about homeopathy and how it can help them. It is really necessary to get...

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An Update on COVID-19

It was on March 5 that I first wrote about the COVID-19 pandemic. Oh my, so much has changed since then. Most of the things I talked about then have come to pass. The times we are in are changing rapidly. So I'd like to give another update on what new information has come to light in the time that has passed.

First, about viruses! Viruses are not some protein from outer-space that invades us. They are a by-product and messenger from our own cells. They are called exosomes and are used to communicate to distant parts of our body and, when shedded, to communicate to others of our species. It is a survival tool that has evolved over hundreds of thousands of years. All species have this capability, from plants to trees and others in the plant and animal kingdom.

When we are ill, the cell discharges a tiny bit of specific RNA. As the RNA leaves the cell, it envelopes in a bit of the cell wall. This allows the RNA to have specific receptors that can attach together cells in the...
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Susceptibility and the Coronavirus

Susceptibility is the reason homeopathy works. It is also the expression of the vital force to respond to our environment and, through susceptibility, bring symptoms to the surface. Once these symptoms become known, produced by a discord in the vital force, then we have what is described as dis-ease.

It is helpful to keep this in mind as we consider all of the news about the novel coronavirus. We are exposed to germs, bacteria, and viruses daily in life. As long as this expression of the vital force reflects our true spiritual nature, we call this health. Hahnemann in Aphorism 9 described the vital force as ruling with unbounded sway and keeping the organism in admirable, harmonious operation for the benefit of the higher purposes of our existence.

Hahnemann goes on to explain in Aphorism 12 that it is only the morbidly affected vital force alone that produces disease. Now, this may come in stark opposition to the virus theory of disease. But if you consider that the virus...

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Staying Healthy During the Coronavirus Outbreak

I have hesitated to report about the coronavirus (COVID-19) until now because the mainstream narrative has been so pervasive that I have not had any clarity as to the reality of this pandemic. I use the word pandemic with great caution because the number of cases worldwide and in the US does not equal pandemic at this point. I am not being naïve but cautious about the reality of this.

Currently, the mainstream blitz of constant news coverage is beginning to create a hysterical response from the greater population. That is the reality as I see it now. The number of cases to date is increasing but the reality is that this minimal number of people affected is being reported as if millions are dying.

The fear that is being generated is starting to really take hold. I am talking with clients now who are asking questions about it and expressing deep concerns. At this point, I am less concerned about the virus as I am about the response to the news of it.

The latest idea to battle...

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The Legality of Practice

In the United States, the practice of medicine is regulated by legislation in each of the 50 states. The reality is there are 50 different sets of laws that relate to the practice of medicine so it becomes quite confusing. Most states do not address homeopathy in particular which makes it even more difficult to navigate.

You are bound by the laws of the state in which you reside and practice. It is a good idea to investigate and read the legislation in your state. I am not a lawyer and this is NOT legal advice. If you can not understand the legislation written by your state in regards to homeopathy or the practice of medicine then consult a lawyer or contact your Attorney General’s office. They can help you to find the pertinent legislation, interpret the meaning and share any info they have as to how the practice of homeopathy has been handled.

Only a few states have Homeopathic Medical Boards that specifically regulate homeopathy. These states require testing and fees and...

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Licensing and Certification in the USA

The most common question I receive is about getting certified in homeopathy and being able to practice legally. Certification and licensing are completely different in Homeopathy. Certification is to certify. It amounts to attesting to something. Certification can come from any school or certifying organization as to certifying the completion of a course or educational requirements.
Along with certification, there is usually a title or credential that the applicant will have earned. There are many titles in circulation today that schools and organizations have created to attest to their applicant's successful completion of the requirements. These certified credentials are not recognized by any State or Federal Regulating Body and only serve to bring legitimacy to the Homeopath.
The title most recognized in the world is RSHom. It comes from the Registered Society of Homeopaths in the UK. This title is the oldest and most respected title and is used by more Classical...
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