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The Future of Homeopathy


Homeopathy is at a crossroads. The future looks bright, but I have some deep concerns also. It seems there is a growing divide between those who want to see homeopathy legitimatized by standards and regulation and those who recognize the individual uniqueness of the homeopath, client and remedy. This I do not think can be standardized.

The group that wants to see homeopathy become mainstream medicine strives for a standard model of education as well as competency. This effectively lowers the standard of homeopathy to the lowest common denominator. In this model, every school must teach a standard minimum curriculum and testing. This is the same model that we have seen in the education of children in America. Much emphasis is put on testing with the individual who excels, being ignored. I think we have an educational vacuum in America as we are losing our brightest individuals to a standardized process. Read this very well written article. It is the same for homeopathy as with our...

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