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Caring Too Much


Is it possible to care too much for your client? I believe it is and see it happen to some of my students as they begin to manage cases. Caring too much can lead to lack of clarity as well as ill health on the part of the practitioner. Let me explain more.

Often we make emotional ties to our clients especially if we like them. Some people we are drawn to in a personal way even though they are our clients. This is a natural response to another human being. There can be great affinity for another. Other clients we do not make the same emotional bonds with and it seems a little easier, even if Hahnemann warned us to be unprejudiced observers. It is prejudice to have any feelings beyond empathy. Sympathy is to have feelings that are similar to the person you are in sympathy with. To feel these it is usually because they trigger a similar hurt that we carry in ourselves.

When we are in sympathy with another we have lost our clarity. We are now experiencing our own emotional response. We...

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Potency - Methods of Production


I recently had a very good question from a student regarding different results of the same remedy and potency manufactured by different homeopathic laboratories. Her observation was that she had different responses to the same remedies that were manufactured by different pharmacies. Some pharmacies remedies were stronger and had more of an effect. She wondered why this was so.

Over the years many different methods for potentization have been experimented with in efforts to save on the materials used to make the remedies. Using the methods that Hahnemann described would require the use of thousands of vials in the making of higher potencies, not to mention the time involved by having to utilize human labor in the hand sucussion process. This would make the higher potencies (30C and higher) very expensive.

In Hahnemann's method of potentization the original mother tincture or triturate is dissolved as one part to 99 parts of alcohol and water. This is shaken (succussed) vigorously by...

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A student of ours has questions regarding parasitic infections. I wanted to take this opportunity to respond. A parasite is an organism that lives, within, upon or at the expense of another organism (host) without contributing to its survival.

Parasites usually enter the body through the mouth or the skin. Parasites that enter through the mouth remain  in the  intestine and can burrow through the intestinal wall and invade other organs.

Parasites that enter through the skin usually enter through the bite of an infected insect or may bore through the skin. Some parasites enter through the soles of the feet or skin when the ground or water has parasites present.

Most parasite infections are diagnosed by blood, stool or urine analysis. Repeated samples may be necessary to detect the parasite. Food, drink and water are the most common ways we become infected. Poor sanitation and unhygienic practices contribute to most parasite infections.

The most common parasitic infections...

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Mental Rubrics


Mental symptoms are very important in understanding what is happening for each client. How they see their world and how they are able to respond to it is key to properly assessing what is asking to be healed.

Converting a symptom into the language of the repertory requires that we know what each of the rubrics mean. It is a very narrow difference in definitions that can distinguish one rubric from another. This could effect your remedy choices and the remedy you may end up selecting.

A common question I get is how do you find the words of the person in the repertory. Often you will not be able to directly translate into the mind section. But if you understand what the person is really saying there is often a rubric that will best describe it.

I will go over a few key and common rubrics and what they mean. This list is by no means complete. But it may help you to study a bit about mental rubrics and get more familiar with how to define them and use them.

  • Abashed- to strike with...
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A Special Solstice


I am releasing this newsletter a day early so all of you may enjoy a unique event that will take place on the solstice this year (December 21,2010). This will be the first time in 372 years that there will be a total eclipse of the moon happening on the winter solstice. This is very special since an eclipse marks significant change. A total eclipse makes it even more intense. Having it happen on the darkest and shortest day of the year makes it even more special yet.

The total lunar eclipse will begin at 1:33 am and last until 5:01 am EST, but the total eclipse portion lasts only 72 minutes, between 2:41 and 3:53 am. During this time the full moon could appear a bright red or blood orange hue.

The total eclipse will be visible throughout all of the Americas. It will be partially visible during the moonrise over Eastern Asia,and Australia and during the moon set in South America, Europe and Western Africa.

So bundle up, go outside and view one of our more rare  natural wonders....

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Let the Remedy Come to You Part 2


I recently had a follow-up to the Boron Metallicum case I told you about back in the newsletter dated 10/28/08. This was the case about a school teacher who's case repertized so well for the remedy Selenium but did not feel right when I investigated the remedy more. Primarily it's location on the periodic table to the far right and Scholten's analysis about those remedies led me to let it go in favor of finding a more appropriate remedy.

      We never know the effect any remedy may have on an individual until they have taken it and time has allowed a change to occur or not. In this case Boron Metallicum 6c was prescribed one time per day.  I just had a follow-up with him this past week and wanted to share with you what happened.

        The first part of the follow-up occurred two days prior to our appointment when I met his mother in the clinic and I asked her how he was doing. Her response was enthusiastic and she...

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Acute Prescribing


As homeopaths we often have cases come to us and we don't have the time or our tools to really take the case. We must act quickly and effectively, or we may miss our opportunity to help. This is when knowledge of Materia Medica is very important.

      As a part of the coursework at Resonance School of Homeopathy I teach about emergency and acute remedies that will be useful in most situations. The original list of remedies came from Vega Rezenberg and can be organized in a 50 remedy emergency kit. I have found this kit to be very useful.  It can be carried anywhere and if used properly, save lives.

      Having taught the remedies for this kit many times I can tell you that knowing a few keynotes of the remedies and a few of the expected indications, that this kit has proven many times over to be most valuable.

      The first rule in any acute or emergency is to call for help. Secondly, clear...

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More on the Importance of Diet


What I am about to share is most likely old news for many health conscious readers. But by sharing some facts about our North American food sources we can be more empowered to make changes in our diets. After all, we are what we eat.

Homeopaths have a unique responsibility to their clients and far more influence than we imagine. Often we have lofty ideas that once the energy of the dis-ease has shifted in response to a remedy then we can see our client return to vibrant health. But we must be aware of the obstacles to cure that persist in our environment. One of the greatest obstacles is diet and the available sources  for good nutrition.

The fact of the matter is that our healthy food choices have diminished severely in the last 10 years and particularly so in the last two. Aside from the effects of depleted minerals in our soil from modern agricultural practices over the years and the overuse of pesticides and herbicides,  we now have the effects of GMO (Genetically...

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The New Year


With Christmas just passed and the New Year beginning in a few days it is a good time to really review the last year and set our intention for the New Year. Having just started winter and shorter days again last week with a total lunar eclipse, it is an especially potent time to really take stock of our lives and get very clear about where we are wanting to go in our future.

Our job as homeopaths require us to be clear, unprejudiced observers. This is a constant call for our spiritual purification and evolution. For us to be all we can be as a homeopath, we need to be all we can be as a  person as well. There is really no separation between these roles. How we show up in life equals how we show up as a homeopath. Homeopathy being spiritual medicine requires that we are doing our spiritual work.

Now is a perfect time to look back upon the last year of your life and review your accomplishments and your failures. Try to be as unprejudiced about yourself as you are about others....

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The Colon


It seems fitting that as the year ends we discuss the lower portion of the GI system. There is a correlation. If we were to really get technical about it we would be discussing the anus as it is the last of the GI tract and this is the last day of the year. But the colon is close enough to understand the metaphor of the ending of a year and the ending of our digestive tract.

The large intestine is made up of several different parts starting with the cecum, ascending colon, transverse colon, descending colon, sigmoid colon , rectum and anus. It is in the intestine that nutrients and water are extracted from the digestion process and solids are formed. Through peristalsis the waste is moved through the colon becoming fecal matter. The process of digestion is accomplished through enzymes and bacteria. The colon itself secretes no enzymes, but harbors more bacteria than there are cells of our own body. In essence there is more DNA in us that is not us than there is DNA that is...

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