Welcome to Resonance School of Homeopathy  
  The only Homeopathic school of it's kind.  


We are different. We realize that your desire to become the best Homeopath you can be will require you to get experience. It is the very best teacher. This is why our entire course program is focused on being a Homeopath.

All students who attend classes are student/practitioners and invited to become the best Homeopaths you can be by participating in live cases and eventually managing cases yourself.

To become a Homeopath we must learn to be an "unprejudised observer". By attending class you will be guided in the fine art of case-taking and will have multiple opportunities to refine your art, and your ability to "see" the case. This approach is NOT taken by most schools of homeopathy and as a consequence you may receive 3 or more years of information about homeopathy but never have the experience needed to be a Homeopath.

Case-taking is an art that needs to be refined. By seeing a minimum of 4 new clients and 8 to 12 follow-ups each class weekend you will be gaining a lot of "experience by doing". This will prepare you for the real world of being a Homeopath. During this time you will be gaining invaluable insight to remedies and their essences. The remedies will come alive because you will have a real person, a real story to hook them to. You will remember remedies and their essences much better this way.

Understanding what is asking to be healed is the most important aspect of case-taking and will be the most important aspect of your growth as a Homeopath. If you do not know what is asking to be healed you will never find the right remedy. At Resonance School we emphasize the spiritual aspects of understanding the nature of health and dis-ease. Without this foundation the ability to help someone with homeopathy is severely compromised. Your own spiritual growth becomes a part of your growth as a Homeopath. This is the foundation of this course.

Class participation becomes the vehicle for this growth as we learn to get out of our own way and "see" the case. This is the hardest part of becoming a Homeopath. It cannot be learned from a book. Only real experience will give us the opportunity to evolve. This is why Resonance School of Homeopathy is structured as it is. We are NOT preparing students of homeopathy for a test. We are preparing Homeopaths for real life.

We meet in Reno, Nevada one weekend per month for the live classes. Our schedule is ongoing and we have met monthly since January of 2001 without fail.

Our  four year online program has been videotaped from live classes, edited and posted online for ALL students to learn from. So the classroom student/practitioner and the online student can benefit from the same material. The online version has assignments, study guides, and quizzes in addition to the videos of cases, follow-ups, class discussions and lectures.

ALL student/practitioners have access to the  four year online program. They are also always welcome to attend the LIVE classes in Reno, Nevada at NO additional charge. Those students who attend the live classes and do the online program are getting two years of homeopathic study for the price of one for each of the 4 years of the online program.

When the student of Homeopathy goes out into the world they need to have had a lot of real life experience to have the confidence to meet the client and carry their profession forward. There is no better way to get this experience than through this program.

The course is ongoing so anyone can join at anytime. Those who are new will rise much faster by being around more experienced students. By studying the online course and having the ability to review previously seen cases we can learn so much more. Reviewing the case and class discussions gives another window into understanding and helps the student/practitioner move forward much quicker.

There is a one-year commitment to the ongoing program. After the first year the student/practitioner can re-register for years 2 through as long as they wish to attend live classes. All previously viewed sessions of the online program still remain available. So as the years go by the program builds and the ability to review previous online sessions becomes even more valuable. The entire course program continues indefinately with the live classes. It usually takes most student/practitioners four or more years to have enough experience and knowledge to be in practice.

All students have access to the school monthly tele-seminars. This is set up for students only to communicate with each other and Robert Field about any questions they may have. It is one of the best ways to stay in touch with your learning process. This provides a built in mentoring system available to the student/practitioner. It is this kind of openness that brings the best opportunity to learn.

Imagine a place to learn to become a Homeopath with built in cases, follow-ups and a mentor to guide the entire process. This is what Resonance School of Homeopathy is offering.

All instruction at Resonance School of Homeopathy is recognized by the North American Society of Homeopaths (NASH). All instruction is also recognized by the Nevada Board of Homeopathic Medical Examiners (NVBHME) for all practitioners wanting licensure or certification in the state of Nevada. Continuing education for the NVBHME is also available.

We invite you to join our school and become the best Homeopath you can be.