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Imagine learning to become a Homeopath with live cases, follow-ups, hands-on clinical experience from day one, and a mentor to guide the entire process, all from your home. This is what we offer at Resonance School of Homeopathy.

The job of the Homeopath is to accurately perceive what is asking to be healed and to apply good homeopathic principles and the correct homeopathic remedy to inspire the healing response. Thus, understanding what is asking to be healed is the most important aspect of case-taking and will be the most important skill to hone on your journey to becoming a great Homeopath. You will never find the right remedy if you do not know what is asking to be healed. You will learn all this through enriching experiences by participating in live cases and follow-ups from Day 1. This cannot be learned from books; only first-hand participation can offer this to the passionate student because there is no substitute for experience.

At Resonance School of Homeopathy, we emphasize the spiritual aspects of understanding the nature of health and dis-ease. Your knowledge becomes an integral part of your evolution as a Homeopath. Without this clarity, the ability to help someone heal with homeopathy is compromised. This is the foundation of this course.

Become a Homeopath From Anywhere in the World


Resonance School of Homeopathy offers a dynamic way to learn the art and science of being a Homeopath from your home with our LIVE Zoom classes one weekend per month, using live cases for your hands-on learning and mentorship. Additionally, you have access to our distance learning Homeopathy course, enabling you to study from your computer or smartphone at your leisure, in the privacy of your own home, or anywhere else you have a high-speed internet connection. 

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Pathology & Disease

Resonance School of Homeopathy is pleased to announce an online Pathology and Disease course custom-tailored for the homeopath. Dr. David Sellen MD, professor of health sciences and main teacher at Western University of Health Sciences and the University of Southern California has worked passionately to bring you a university-level Pathology and Disease course for homeopathic students.

Pathology and Disease will survey the origins, incidence, and symptoms of human diseases and the physiological disorders produced by disease. After completing this course, students will be able to describe fundamental processes that underlie human diseases, identify and describe characteristics of diseases associated with specific physiological systems, discuss the effects of disease on homeostasis, and predict logical treatment strategies for specific diseases.

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As health care providers, all students should be trained in CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) and AED (Automatic Exterior Defibrillation). This course is online training that offers Certification and is very affordable. It is required training for all Resonance School of Homeopathy students. Others may use this link and receive the same training. It is necessary for everyone to have this training. You never know when you may need to save a life. This program will review Adult/Child/Infant CPR/AED and obstructed airway.

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"A student for almost two years now, my initial deep feeling that here is the best place for me to study homeopathy is repeatedly confirmed..."

"Robert has created a curriculum that transcends rote memorization and multiple choice tests, to push students into thinking independently..."

"Robert encourages humility and constant reassessing of one's prejudices and personal stance. This makes studying with Robert a spiritual growth..."

"Other Homeopathic schools may teach Homeopathic Knowledge, but Resonance School of Homeopathy uniquely teaches Homeopathic Wisdom..."

"I guess what I learned is that one doesn't 'do' homeopathy. One 'is' a Homeopath. The only, or best I should say, way of coming to 'be' a Homeopath is to 'do' it. This is really true for all learning that becomes a part of who we are."

"Homeopathy is my true spiritual calling, and I don’t think I would have been able to explore this, to the depth that I have been able to, without your school, your guidance, and your encouragement. Thank you so much!"

"I absolutely love the class. I love that we learn by seeing real people and that the spiritual side of homeopathy is consciously worked with in class. We are spiritual beings first and I think that many other schools ignore that."

"When I graduated from Robert's class, I literally was not the same person that had joined it a few years before. There is so much growth and learning that took place with the interaction and continual discussion about both the case before us and the remedies that we were looking at. "

"What Robert teaches is how to get out of our own way to see clearly what each individual is offering us, and then what to do with that, how to take that understanding and translate that into rubrics and our equally dynamic understanding of the remedies that present themselves for consideration. "

"I feel like my head has been taken apart and put back together in a brand new way. I feel like everything that I have ever done in my life (educationally, spiritually, personally) has led to this point. I feel like I am finally on track with my destiny. I don’t think I would feel this way if I had chosen another school."

"This hands-on practical experience is invaluable. We are practicing Homeopaths as of day one. It leads to a very solid knowledge of the remedies, as we see them in action both in their negative expression as the disease, and in their positive expression when we observe the clients healing responses..."

""I would never be able to put into words what I have learned and how I have transformed over the past 5 years because of this program and its mind-meltingly genius instructor, Robert Field. He has a gift of giving just enough information to help you get to the conclusion yourself. This is the best of the best qualities for any teacher, in my opinion. Of all the schools I looked into, I would choose Resonance School of Homeopathy again every single time. Robert's method of teaching and program allowed me to step into cases from day 1. I got to see over and over and over how differently the same remedy can present in different people, which helped me understand not to paint too specific of a remedy “picture” lest I miss the prescription completely. It’s such a small school but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I absolutely cherish the relationship I have built with my teacher, who will always remain my mentor. "

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We are not preparing our students for tests.

We are preparing Homeopaths for real life.

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Student Testimonial

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All instruction at Resonance School of Homeopathy is recognized by NASH.

The North American Society of Homeopaths

All instruction is recognized by NVBHME.

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