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How to Properly Handle Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathic remedies are potentized energetic solutions either administered through drops or medicated to milk sugar pellets. They must be handled appropriately for them to maintain their energy and effectiveness. If a remedy is stored properly, it can remain potent and effective for many decades.

Remedies are sensitive to strong sunlight and should be stored in a dark glass bottle out of direct sunlight. Under normal room lighting, they can remain unaffected. Try to avoid opening the bottle and taking remedies in direct sunlight. Always close the bottle tightly after use. Because the remedies are energetic, they need to be protected from other energetic sources.

Remedies should not be stored anywhere near strong electromagnetic fields, x-rays, or microwave radiations. These can affect a remedy through the bottle. Keep remedies at least one foot from all electrical cords or small appliances such as lights. Appliances such as microwave ovens should be avoided and the remedy...

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Exploring the Acid Remedies

We have 37 acids in our Materia Medica that have wonderful uses in homeopathy. Let's explore what’s common about all of the acid remedies and learn a little more about a few of them.

The acid remedies all have a common theme; a person being worn out. All acids will burn and eventually will burn through substances. In the same way, the acid remedies are for those individuals that are burnt out. There is a certain self-destructiveness to these remedies.

There are many ways this burnt-out state can appear. It could be from too much work over an extended period of time. It could be from too much mental activity, too much sex, too much travel. The person does not seem to have a limit on the pattern of the self-destructiveness. Eventually, it leads to the complete breakdown of the system, either mentally, emotionally, physically, or all of the above together. Any number of things can add up to a depleted state for the person and the acid remedies are potential remedies for...

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