The Spiritual Medicine of Homeopathy

philosophy Apr 21, 2020

A pattern I see happening in the world of homeopathy is an attempt to legitimize homeopathy and make it mainstream. This would be nice if homeopathy fit that model of medicine. Unfortunately, it does not. As long as the idea of materialist medicine is a mainstream idea, the real essence of homeopathy will not integrate very easily. And every attempt to do so will only dilute the power and effectiveness of this most wonderful medicine.

Hahnemann uses the word "spiritual" many times in the Organon. In Aphorism 9, he says, "In the healthy condition of man, the spiritual vital force (autocracy) the dynamis that animates the material body (organism), rules with unbounded sway, and retains all the parts of the organism in admirable, harmonious, vital operation, as regards both sensations and functions, so that our indwelling, reason gifted mind can freely employ this living, healthy instrument for the higher purpose of our existence." Here Hahnemann is very clear that the spiritual Vital Force is the animating force behind all expressions of life. This spiritual vital force is energetic and not the material part of our being. Many people try to explain homeopathy as a material medicine because it is the model that is most used in allopathic medicine. For allopathy, it is always about the material body (the cells, physiology, etc.) Never is the animating force ever acknowledged. The word "spiritual" is left to religion.

As some people within the homeopathic community seek to fit into alternative medicine and then mainstream medicine, the real essence of homeopathy is being lost. I see this even in homeopathic students who repeatedly ask the question, "What is the remedy for XYZ disease or condition?" Name the disease and the question will be asked. The conditioning is strong to equate homeopathic medicine to allopathic medicine.

My answer to this is always the same; for as many people who suffer that named disease, there are equally as many remedies for them as a person. We must not forget that it is the organism that the vital force is animating. It is responsible for all expressions of life, dis-ease , and healing. It all comes from the spiritual vital force.

Some people in the homeopathic community want to have homeopathy included along-side of allopathy. This will most likely never work. The fundamental premise is very different. Until the powers that be who control the dialogue, as well as the direction, medicine is focused on, it will be hard for homeopathy to simply flourish.

What will hurt homeopathy most will be to dilute it and lose this essence. For homeopathy to thrive, there will need to be an evolution in consciousness. I see that this is happening naturally as people wake up to the inadequacy of the current system. When they really understand that we are all spiritual beings having a physical, bodily experience, then the foundation for homeopathy will be sturdy and can flourish.

This will be a day in our not too distant future if homeopathy can survive the dark forces that dominate our physical world now. When mankind embraces our spirituality and recognizes the divinity within each of us, the change will take place. Until then the biggest challenge for homeopathy is to not be diluted or altered by those within our ranks as they try to legitimatize our healing art.

Homeopathy simply does not fit into the current model of medicine. In the process of trying to make it fit, it will be lost. We need to celebrate our diversity and stand alone and free. When the government recognizes homeopathy, it will seek to control it. Materialism is the model for medicine in our western world right now. It is best if we remember that homeopathy is spiritual medicine and let it flourish naturally. Too much compromise along the way will destroy it. Long live the spiritual medicine of homeopathy.


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