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The Importance of Fever

One of the most common concerns of parents is when their child has a fever and does not feel well. Usually, this is the first sign of an illness and the parents want their children’s temperature to return to normal. They often have acetaminophen and give it to their child routinely to lower the fever. But this is not always the best course of action. Fever is the body’s natural defense and, if understood, can be worked with and not suppressed for the best and healthiest response to illness.

Fever is controlled hyperthermia. Most often it results from an infection somewhere in the body but may be caused by other conditions as well (cancer, allergic reactions, central nervous system reactions). White blood cells, injured tissues, and macrophages release pyrogens that act directly on the hypothalamus causing it to release prostaglandins. The prostaglandins, in turn, cause the hypothalamic thermostat to reset to a higher temperature initiating heat-promoting...

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The Importance of Proper Case Recording

One of the most basic habits a homeopath needs to develop is proper case recording. This is an essential tool necessary for good case management and being able to share your cases. Making this procedure a habit will make all of your cases better and improve your ability to help your client.

Every case begins before the client even arrives. There is an energy that builds as the client comes to the appointment. It can even start days before. This is something that the client will experience. They will bring this with them as they walk through the door. This is when the case begins for the homeopath. Often, this initial meeting will be the most important part of the case. Pay close attention and as you begin to take your first notes for the case, include any remarks or gestures made during this time.

I have my clients fill out a brief information form while they sit before me. This allows me to observe them and gather some vital information about them. The form is simple...

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