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Resonance School of Homeopathy is a private school and receives no government funding.

It is unfortunate that free government money cannot be used to help with tuition. We offer a monthly payment system which helps most students defer the yearly tuition costs.

Check the state you live in for tax deductions towards education. You can sometimes write of large amounts of the costs of education.

Scholarships are offered through NASH (North American Society of Homeopaths) for students of NASH registered schools. These can sometimes cover tuition and are only available to NASH affiliated schools. Resonance School of Homeopathy is a NASH registered school.

The CHC is now only accepting students from ACHENA schools. Resonance School of Homeopathy has chosen to not become affiliated with ACHENA due to the very high costs and the limitations to teaching style and curriculum. It is simply unaffordable. NASH offers RSHom which is the most recognized title in the world for homeopathy and carries the highest standards. NASH recognizes our schools educational standards. RSHom is a much better credential than CCH.

The course at Resonance School of Homeopathy is ongoing. Classes meet via Zoom one weekend per month. And the online course is available to all students. It is recommended that all students come to the live Zoom class as often as possible. The tuition is payable yearly. So a student gets to choose if they study for one, two, three, even four years or longer if they want. We find that most students feel ready to call themselves a homeopath and have the confidence after four or more years of study.

During this time, all prior cases, follow-ups, and lectures remain available for study or review. A student can really study at their own pace. Those students who are very motivated will be doing cases on their own. We will help any student who is stuck with a case they are working on outside of class. This is a mentorship program.

Our online program has monthly video cases that will keep you busy. As well as all teaching from the recorded month. We also have a live class that meets over zoom one weekend per month. This will be similar to the recorded classes that are released monthly. Each year of study is a commitment that must be renewed from year to year. There are 4 years of online classes and all current zoom classes are recorded and available. That's 8 new cases and up to 28 follow-ups each month. So you will have much content to work with.

A certificate for Hours of Completion will be issued at the end of your studies that can be used for Certification with North American Society of Homeopaths and the Credential of RSHom can be achieved. This is the  most respected title in the world for homeopathy.

So no, the study course can not be released earlier than each month but I am pretty sure if you work on all of the cases presented you will be busy to the point that you will not be able to accelerate the course.

It is content packed. You will get out of the course what you put into it. This is not a didactic learning platform. So its not about passing a test. It is about becoming a trained homeopath with experience that you can take into the world with confidence.

There are two options. You can pay a one time fee for one year of tuition (12 monthly sessions) of USD $2,700 - OR - be billed monthly USD $235.00 for 12 months. There is a one time fee of $35.00 at initial registration.

Yes, all veterans are welcome but we are not accepting any veteran benefits since we are a private school and not recognized for federal funding. The same goes for any other federal or state scholarships.

You can study from other countries, though you should become aware of the local regulations regarding the legality of practicing homeopathy in your area. Our school is recognized as qualifying education by the North American Society of Homeopaths (NASH) an independent, non-licensing board in North America. All regulations regarding medicine happen at the state level in the USA. As each state is different; there is much confusion at times here. Our school cannot accommodate all of the different laws and regulations of different countries.

Resonance School of Homeopathy accepts any student from anywhere in the world. All of our classes are videotaped and made available for the distance learning student.

The study guide is the assignment. The assignments include videos and reading assignments. You will watch the videos and get the feeling about the person. Take notes during the video of everything the person says, which you will be doing in all cases you work on. You need good notes. Consider what is asking to be healed. Consider particular symptoms that need to be repertised. You will start to get the hang of it naturally by watching and following the videos. We comment a lot about the cases and you can use this information to help you learn to "see" the case. You will receive this guidance. If you get stuck, you can email, call, or wait with your questions for the teleseminar.

The teleseminars are not for the class content and videos only. This is a time that anything "homeopathy" can be discussed and for students of the Homeopathy course to come together. The videos have all of the class discussion and comments about the case.

The video will be giving you this feedback. The teleseminar seems to have evolved to more current topics and questions involving homeopathy, but absolutely is not limited to this. Class comments to each case and follow-up are in logical order within the videos. It will be easy for you to follow.

The teleseminars are usually 2 weeks after the last live class and usually on Monday evenings at 5:30 Pacific Time. You will get an announcement and link at least a week before.

The online course starts with the new cases and lectures and builds from there. We do not include very many follow-ups to cases that the original case was not recorded. So in the beginning, the course is a bit smaller than in the second year where there are up to 30 videos per class. All comments, lectures, cases, and follow-ups are included. The class is filmed with 3 cameras and 3 sound systems linked to them.

Monthly, based on the date of original enrollment. All previously released sessions remain available to you throughout your enrollment. If you get too busy with life, you can go back and pick up or return to a case or follow-up and restudy it at a later date. This allows you to proceed at your own pace.

We are available to all students to help them when they are stuck. We have a monthly teleseminar/student only Zoom meeting to ask questions. This meeting is recorded and uploaded to the student course content after processing. It seems the students like this best. All questions will be addressed before the meeting is concluded. They are scheduled to last 90 minutes but often go over. The only assignments are for reading and Organon quizzes. These are not graded but if they are emailed to Robert Field, he will review them and make comments. This is a self-motivated program. If a student does not have enough desire to approach this program without being given time limits and grades to succeed, then it is probably not the program for them. There will be no one holding hands when the person wants to go out and become a practicing homeopath. This is the best way to get the experience you need. The critical decisions of selecting rubrics, understanding what is asking to be healed and selecting remedies, need to be done with confidence. There is no better way to get this than seeing and working on cases.

If you continue from Year 1 into Year 2, all Year 1 content remains available. This goes on the entire time of enrollment. During Year 4, you will still have all of Year 1, 2, and 3 available. As long as you are currently registered all of the course materials and resources will be available.

The assignments include watching the videos, reading the Organon and other homeopathic books, and books on spirituality. There are quizzes on the Organon. There is also a study for each of the cases and follow-ups presented.

You will get the most from the class by working on the cases as they are presented. This means trying to determine what is asking to be healed for the person. selecting rubrics, and making remedy selections. It is your chance to work on cases and this will probably be the most rewarding part of the course and maybe the most demanding. When a new student starts out, it can be a little challenging as they get oriented. This is natural. We find that after a few months things magically get a lot easier and then really start to flow.

All assignments are suggested, not required. We do not evaluate by testing. This is why a person will get a certificate of hours of completion, not a diploma. We cannot give a good evaluation unless the student is in the classroom. This program requires a person to be self-motivated.

Because all teaching is with live clients, it is a case-by-case opportunity to reference Scholent or Sankaran’s work as necessary. We do not teach their methods but use them when appropriate. There will be references to their work when they come up. We find that some aspects of their views are very valuable. But we encourage students to not get stuck in any one way of thinking. This will keep them free to develop their own system that works for them. This way they can utilize all systems and use them according to the case at hand.

We recommend mostly C potencies. Sometimes LM's and rarely X's but that does not mean never. We use all scales and all methods of applications, sublingually, in water and sniffing. Whatever the case requires is what is done. Remember this is not empirical medicine. This is "patient" driven medicine. The client will always tell you what they need.

We are studying the Organon 6th edition by Hahnemann and doing Classical Hahnemannian homeopathy, Single remedy prescribing. Robert Field includes the essences of Vega Rozenberg, his teacher, as we find them to be very accurate. This information has never been shared in written form and is only taught by Vega Rozenberg himself and Robert, with his permission. This is not a way of prescribing other than Hahnemannian but expands with information that has been discovered about remedies by Vega himself. It is not a different system of prescribing.

The reading of books on spirituality are to help the person get a bigger picture of life/homeopathy. Not all students have been exposed to these types of ideas. If they haven't, then it will help them understand how homeopathy is referenced during the course. Spirituality is always the basis for the foundation of understanding homeopathy as taught in the course.

As you might know, Hahnemann referred to spirituality and homeopathy being spiritual medicine many times in the Organon. For some new students, the idea of spirituality is new. We have included books about spirituality to bring more ideas for the student to really embrace homeopathy in its purest form. The books on spirituality are not secular or religious. Homeopathy is not about religion. If you do not have a problem with the idea of the vital force and it does not cause any conflict with your belief system, we do not think any of the suggested books on spirituality will conflict either. If they do, then it is your right to disregard this part of the teaching. We do not include much directly from the books in our course. It is really to help the students who are new to the idea of spirituality to get grounded in the idea of non-physical.

We also see animals in class as well as humans, though not as many. Robert Field personally treats a lot of animals and has found great success. The principles of treatment are the very same for an animal as they are for a human being. Animals are not any more difficult than people to treat.

We believe the sensation method is limited. There is much truth in understanding this aspect of a person's experience, but to use this method requires the homeopath to make certain judgments about the client, thereby putting them in a box. We find that this is not a good habit to do because the homeopath will be forming prejudices to accomplish this. Not all cases are the same. What we teach includes understanding sensation, but does not have a method or protocol attached to it. If we are free homeopaths, as unprejudiced observers, the case will unfold and be revealed for us. We then do not need to speculate or put a person in a miasmatic box etc. The case will stand on its own and if we are clear will know how to proceed accordingly. Homeopathy is not an empirical science. It is as much art and this is where proper training with real live people is essential to giving the homeopathic student real experience. It is about learning how to "see" the case. This cannot be taught by books, methods or any other system. It is something that is developed in a person. As Hahnemann described in the Organon, it is really about being an unprejudiced observer.


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