No Remedy? Now What?

Uncategorized Nov 04, 2019

There are so many remedies in our Materia Medica it is really impossible to have every remedy you need, in the potency you need, available for instant administration?  What do you do when you know the remedy you want to give but don't have it?

         I have found that dealing with a reputable pharmacy that stocks many remedies in a variety of potencies is an absolute must being a professional homeopath. I use Hahnemann Labs for most purchases of remedies and can have them delivered in as little as 2 days by standard mail. But in any situation where I need the remedy in a shorter amount of time, I'm stuck.

         As you all well know, two days can be an eternity when it comes to changing health conditions. There are other ways to "make" the remedy that fall a little bit out of the norm for "standard remedy preparation". But if these methods work then the possibility for help are worth the efforts.

        One of the first homeopaths I ever met repeated to me the saying "energy follows intent". He repeated this so often I'm sure he was trying to drill it into my head so I would never forget this. He would make his remedies radionically and found them to work brilliantly. Needless to say I was very skeptical. So skeptical that when he prescribed Penicillium 4X for my son and made it by magnetically potentizing the remedy from an alcohol and water substrate, I though that there would be no reaction if I took the remedy. I was severely allergic to Penicillin and worried that the 4X potency would be too close to the mother tincture and cause a physical reaction. But because I saw him create the remedy from benign alcohol and water I was not worried.

        Was I surprised that after a few hours I produced all of the symptoms that I had had before during an acute allergic reaction to penicillin. Needless to say I was convinced.

        He had used a little device with magnets to produce the vibration and infuse it into the bottle. This is not what I would recommend for everyday use of homeopathy, but it proved to me it worked. Once my eyes were open to the possibility of creating something from nothing, then the idea of "energy follows intent" really started to mean something.

        I then  experimented with creating remedies from intention alone. Using only thought to intend the remedy and potency into water. Sure enough it worked. I remember doing a proving of Ozone 200C once with a group of fellow homeopathic students. We all focused the thought of Ozone 200C going into the glass of water. We all took a sip and the results were incredible. All of us changed under the influence of the "remedy". There definitely was Ozone energetically infused into the water.

        Now when I am wanting to give or take a remedy I do not have, I simply intend it to myself or another. If the universe is supporting this action, then the results are nearly the same as taking a laboratory made remedy. I have found that the duration of the response is not as long though. This intentional thought needs to be repeated more often than if a remedy were given in a "physical" dose. I always include in my "prayer" that this be for the highest good. I think this is very important. If we set our intention then it must be aligned with the highest most. There are many helpers in the spiritual realm and they are always ready if we ask. But we must ask with a clean heart and for the highest good of all concerned.

       So the next time you know the remedy to give but do not have it, don't wait days to receive it in the mail, give it freely and align your heart with the highest most intent. You may be quite surprised at the results.


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