Homeopathy for Asthma

health conditions Jun 11, 2020

Asthma affects about 19 million people yearly in the United States. It is a very serious condition that can be fatal. It requires the expertise of a skilled physician to treat it correctly. The allopathic treatment of asthma rarely cures but can often prevent death due to the constriction of airways and suffocation. It is a delicate road to healing asthma with homeopathy but the path is one that can help a person heal at their source.

Asthma is a condition of the constriction of the airways in response to certain stimuli. The airways are made up of a smooth outer muscle layer, and a middle and inner layer that form the airway. During an attack, there is a spasm of the outer layer and inflammation in the middle and inner layer that swells and narrows the airway so it becomes increasingly difficult to breathe. Often, because of the inflammation, a mucous plug can be formed that can totally block airflow. This is potentially a fatal condition.

In a more severe attack, the person is unable to get any air and cyanosis begins. The person will become blue, cannot talk, and is suffocating because there is a lack of oxygen. This is a deadly condition and requires immediate medical attention. Should this occur, the person needs hospitalization quickly. Lesser expressions of the disease can be managed by drugs or homeopathy. When an attack begins in a less severe case, it will last for a limited time and resolve. This is characterized by shortness of breath, cough, panting, or wheezing respiration.

Causes of the disease vary, but there is very strong evidence that vaccinations and skin eruptions that are suppressed are responsible for most expressions of childhood asthma.  Other children will express the sycotic miasm and some children can grow out of asthma.

There are very many exciting causes preceding attacks from emotional responses to exercise-induced asthma. Allergic reaction to tobacco smoke, irritants like dust or animal dander, food or drug allergies, and cold air can cause attacks. These can be mitigated by avoidance of the noxious substances. In emotional attacks of asthma, much care must be used to calm the person and reassure them that their condition will get better and to help them understand the connection to the emotional cause. Treating the cause at the emotional level can really help the person heal.

Inhaler drugs are usually prescribed for most acute attacks. There are a variety of oral drugs to reduce inflammation and help the person to breathe more regularly. These approaches do not help the person heal but sometimes provide relief or mitigate an immediate attack. This is when a good homeopathic approach can be most helpful if the person can heal their disease at its source.

Let’s take a look at some rubrics that can be used to find good homeopathic remedies that will help a person heal their asthma rather than just treat the symptoms. As with all expressions of dis-ease, there are mental and emotional components. Every individual is different. Try to understand why the person is having asthma and what the initial exciting cause was. Look into their past and find out what was happening before the very first asthma attack. It may open the window into seeing the root cause that can lead you to a very good remedy. Always find out what the modalities are for the asthmatic attacks; what makes them better, what makes them worse, what times of days are worse than others, etc.

These rubrics are only for the more general symptoms and are from the Complete 2009 Repertory. The number before the remedy tells it’s grade.

  • Respiration; ASTHMATIC (487) : abel., abrot., acet-ac., acetan., 4ACON., 3Acon-f., act-sp., adam., adon., 3Adren., aesc., aeth., 3Agar., agath-a., aids, ail., alco., alco-s., ald., all-c., 2all-s., alli-m., aloe, 2alth., 3Alum., alum-p., alum-sil., alumn., am-br., 4AM-C., am-caust., am-i., am-m., 4AMBR., ambro., aml-n., 3Ammc., amyg-am., 2anac., ang., anh., anis., 3Ant-ar., 4ANT-C., ant-i., ant-s., 4ANT-T., 4APIS, aquilr-a., 4ARAL., aran-ix., arg., arg-cy., 4ARG-N., arist-cl., 3Arn., 4ARS., 4ARS-I., ars-s-f., arum-d., arum-dru., arum-m., arum-t., arund., 4ASAF., 3Asar., 3Asc-i., 4ASC-T., aspar., aster., astra-e., 3Atro., 4AUR., aur-ar., aur-i., 3Aur-m-n., aur-s., 3Ba-tn., bac., 2bacch-a., 3Bad., bapt., 4BAR-C., bar-i., bar-m., bar-s., 4BELL., 2bell-p., 3Benz-ac., berb., beryl., 4BLATTA, blatta-a., 2boerh., bomb-pr., bor., 3Bov., 4BROM., 4BRY., bufo, buni-o., butho-t., 3Cact., cadm-s., 4CALAD., 4CALC., 2calc-ar., calc-f., calc-hp., calc-i., calc-l., calc-p., 3Calc-s., 3Calc-sil., calo., 2calth., 4CAMPH., camph-br., cand-a., 2cann-i., 4CANN-S., 3Caps., carb-an., 4CARB-V., 4CARC., 2card-b., 3Card-m., caruk-b., cast-eq., 3Caul., 4CAUST., cedr., 2cetr., 4CHAM., 4CHEL., chen-a., 4CHIN., 3Chin-ar., chin-s., chlf., 3Chlol., chlor., chlorpr., 3Cic., cimic., 4CINA, 4CIST., coc-c., 3Coca, cocain., 3Cocc., coch., 3Coff., coffin., 3Colch., coll., coloc., 4CON., conv., cor-r., 2crat., croc., 3Crot-h., 3Croto-t., 4CUPR., 3Cupr-acet., cupr-ar., 3Cycl., cyt-l., daph., der., 3Des-ac., 4DIG., digin., dios., dol., 4DROS., 4DULC., 3Elmen, 4EPHE., 2equis-a., 4ERIO., 3Eucal., eup-per., 3Euph., euph-pi., 3Euphr., excr-can., fel., 4FERR., 4FERR-ACET., 3Ferr-ar., ferr-i., ferr-p., fl-ac., form., form-ac., formal., 2fuc., 2fum., gad., 2galeo., gall-ac., galv., garden., 3Gels., gink., 2gins., 2glech., 2glon., 3Glyc-g., gran., 4GRAPH., grat., 4GRIN., guai., guare., 4HED., hedeo., hell., 2helod-c., 4HEP., hib, 3Hippoz., hydr., 3Hydr-ac., hydrc., hydrog., 3Hyos., 4HYPER., 2hyssop., 3Iber., ictod., 4IGN., 2imp., imp-w., 4IOD., iodof., 4IP., 2irid., 4JAB., jatr-u., junc., 2juni-c., 3Just., 4KALI-AR., 4KALI-BI., 4KALI-BR., 4KALI-C., 3Kali-chl., kali-chls., kali-cy., kali-fcy., 4KALI-I., kali-m., 4KALI-N., 4KALI-P., 3Kali-s., kali-s-chr., kali-sil., 2kalm., kaol., 3Kola., 3Kreos., kres., lac-ac., lac-c., lac-d., lac-eq., 4LACH., lact., larr-t., latex, 3Laur., 3Led., lem-m., levo., lil-t., lim-b-c., linu-u., lipp., 4LOB., lob-p., lob-s., 4LYC., lycpr., lycps., m-arct., m-art., 4M-AUST., 2mag-p., magn-gl., magn-gr., manc., mand., mang., mang-acet., 2marr., 4MED., 2melis., 2menth., menthol, meny., 4MEPH., 4MERC., merc-c., merc-d., merc-i-r., 3Merc-pr-r., methylp-h., 3Mez., mill., moni., morg., morg-g., morph., 4MOSCH., mur-ac., musca-d., mut., 2myos-a., 4NAJA, 3Naphtin., 2narc-ps., 3Nat-ar., 4NAT-C., nat-hchls., 4NAT-M., nat-n., nat-p., 4NAT-S., nat-sil., 2nic-r., nicc., nicot., 4NIT-AC., nuph., 3Nux-m., 4NUX-V., oci-s., 2oena., oeno., 3Ol-an., ol-j., olea, onis., 4OP., 2orig., osm., ox-ac., 4OXYG., pall., par., 2pareir., 4PARTH., passi., 4PECT., penic., petr., ph-ac., 3Phel., phenob., phle., 4PHOS., phos-pchl., phyll-a., phys., 3Phyt., picro., 2pimp., 4PITU-A., 2plan-l., plat., 3Plb., 3Plb-i., plut-n., 2podo., 2poly-a., 2polyg., 2polyg-a., pop-c., posit., 2prim-v., prun., pseuts-m., 4PSOR., 2ptel., pulm-v., 4PULS., 3Queb., 2querc-r., 4RAN-B., ran-s., raph., rat., rhod., rhodi., rhus-g., 4RHUS-T., ros-ca-a., ros-d., 4RUMX., 4RUTA, 4SABAD., sabal., sabin., 4SAMB., samb-c., 4SANG., sanguin-n., sanic., 3Sars., scorp., scroph-n., sec., sel., 3Seneg., 4SEP., seq-s., 4SIL., silphu., 3Sin-n., skook., sol-i., sol-x., 2solid., 4SPIG., 4SPONG., 4SQUIL., 4STANN., 3Staph., 4STICT., 3Still., 4STRAM., stront-c., 4STROPH., stry., 2stry-n., succ., 4SUL-AC., sul-h., 3Sul-i., sulo-ac., 4SULPH., 3Sumb., 3Syc-co., 4SYPH., 2tab., tarent., tax., tela, ter., tet., teucr., 2teucr-s., thal., 4THUJ., thymu., 2thymu-v., thyreotr., torul., trach., trif-p., 3Trio., 4TUB., tub-a., turq., 2tus-fa., v-a-b., 3Valer., vario., 4VERAT., 3Verat-v., verb., 3Vero-o., vesp., vib., viol-o., viol-t., 3Visc., wye., xan., 4ZINC., zinc-p., zinc-val., 3Zing., ziz.
  • Respiration; ASTHMATIC; Dust, from inhaling (14) : 3Ars., 3Bell., 4CALC., 3Chin., 4HEP., ictod., 3Ip., lycpr., 3Nat-ar., 3Nux-v., oxyg., 3Phos., 4SIL., 4SULPH.
  • Respiration; ASTHMATIC; Nervous (48) : acon., ambr., aml-n., arg-n., ars., 3Asaf., aur., bar-c., bell., blatta, 2cact., 3Cham., chin-s., cina, coca, cocc., coff., con., 3Cupr., elmen, form., grin., 3Hydr-ac., 3Ip., kali-br., kali-p., kreos., levo., lob., lyc., mag-p., 2melis., 3Mosch., nux-m., nux-v., ol-an., phos., plat., sil., 3Stram., sumb., syph., tela, tet., thymu., thyreotr., 3Valer., verat.
  • Respiration; ASTHMATIC; Talking; agg. (3) : 3Dros., meph., stram.
  • Respiration; ASTHMATIC; Weather; cold, in (11) : acon., ant-t., apis, ars., caust., 4DULC., hyper., mand., 3Med., 3Nat-s., syc-co.
  • Respiration; ASTHMATIC; Excitement, emotional, agg. (39) : 3Acon., ambr., aml-n., 3Ars., 3Asaf., carc., 4CHAM., chin-s., 3Coff., crot-h., 3Cupr., ferr., 3Gels., grin., hydrc., 3Ign., 3Ip., kali-br., kali-p., 3Lob., med., 3Mosch., nat-c., nat-m., 3Nat-s., nux-m., 4NUX-V., pall., pitu-a., psor., puls., samb., seq-s., staph., sumb., tela, thymu., 3Valer., verat.
  • Respiration; WHEEZING, whistling (192) : acet-ac., acon., adam., aeth., agar., aids, ail., alco-s., aloe, 3Alum., alum-p., alum-sil., 3Am-c., 3Ambr., anac., ang., ant-ar., 3Ant-c., 3Ant-t., 3Apoc., 4ARAL., arg., arg-n., arn., 4ARS., 3Ars-i., ars-s-f., arund., 3Asaf., asar., 3Astra-e., 3Aur., 3Bac., bacch-a., 4BELL., benz-ac., bov., 4BROM., bry., bufo, buni-o., butho-t., cact., calad., 3Calc., calc-s., camph., cand-a., 3Cann-s., 3Caps., carb-an., 4CARB-V., card-b., card-m., caruk-b., cast., caust., 4CHAM., chel., 4CHIN., 3Chin-ar., chlol., chlor., chloram., 3Cic., 3Cina, 3Cocc., coloc., con., croc., croto-t., culx-p., 3Cupr., cycl., des-ac., 3Dig., dol., 3Dros., dulc., erio., euphr., 2ferr., ferr-i., 3Fl-ac., form., glyc-g., graph., 3Grin., hell., helo., 2helod-c., 4HEP., hydr-ac., hydrog., 3Hyos., ign., 4IOD., iodof., 4IP., just., 3Kali-ar., 3Kali-bi., 4KALI-C., 3Kali-i., kali-m., kali-n., 3Kali-s., kali-sil., kreos., lac-eq., 3Lach., lap-be-e., lap-c-b., larr-t., laur., 3Led., lim-b-c., lob., lsd, 3Lyc., 3Lycps., m-art., m-aust., mag-m., 3Manc., mang-p., mel-alt., merc., meteo., mez., mosch., mur-ac., murx., naja, nat-c., 3Nat-m., 3Nat-n., 3Nat-s., neon, 3Nit-ac., 3Nux-m., nux-v., onc-t., op., osm., 3Ox-ac., par., ph-ac., 4PHOS., 3Plb., plut-n., posit., prun., psor., pter-a., 3Puls., pyrog., ran-b., ran-s., 3Rhod., rhus-t., ruta, 3Sabad., sabin., 4SAMB., sang., sanic., sars., 4SENEG., 3Sep., 3Sil., sol, soph-m., 4SPONG., squil., stann., staph., stram., sul-ac., sul-i., sulo-ac., 4SULPH., syc-co., 3Syph., teucr., 3Thuj., torul., tung., 3Verat., vero-o., 3Visc., 3Zinc.
  • Respiration; WHEEZING, whistling; Inspiration (20) : aloe, 3Alum., aral., cand-a., 3Caps., card-b., 3Chin., 3Chlor., cina, coloc., croto-t., graph., 3Kali-c., mel-alt., mur-ac., nat-m., 3Nit-ac., sol, spong., sulph.
  • Generalities; SMOKE; Agg., inhaling (69) : acon., aeth., 3All-c., aloe, alum., alum-sil., am-c., ambr., ant-c., arg., ars., asc-t., bell., beryl., brom., bry., cadm., calc., caust., chel., chin., 3Croc., dor., 4DROS., 3Euphr., hep., 4IGN., ip., just., kali-bi., kola., lach., lap-c-b., lob., lyc., menth., menthol, merc., mosch., naja, nat-ar., 2nat-m., nicot., nit-ac., nux-v., olnd., op., petr., ph-ac., phos., pter-a., Puls., Ran-b., rumx., Ruta, Sel., Sep., sil., SPIG., spong., stann., staph., sul-ac., sulph., tama., tarax., thuj.,
  • Respiration; ASTHMATIC; Vaccination, after (1) : thuj. aler., verat

Remedies that I have found useful in treating asthma are listed below. This is by no means a complete list of remedies that could be useful. Remember, always receive the full case and prescribe to the person and not the disease. Often, it will be the cause of asthma combined with the uniqueness of their expression (modalities, concomitants etc) that will lead to the remedy.

  • Antimonium Tartaricum – Great rattling of mucous in the chest. Difficult expectoration during the cough with much relief after expectoration.
  • Aconite – Great fear of death during the attack. Will say "I am dying."
  • Arsenicum Album – Valuable acute and chronic remedy. Restlessness, and anxiety. Fear to lie down for fear of suffocation. Feeling as if dust had been inhaled.
  • Carcinosin – Great remedy for children after vaccination or suppressed skin eruptions.
  • Ipecacuanha – Spasmodic asthma with violent contraction of throat and chest.
  • Kali Bichromicum – Expectoration that is tough and tenacious. 3am to 4am aggravation. Summer or winter aggravations. Must sit up to breathe.
  • Lachesis – Attacks during sleep. Cannot bear anything around the neck or chest. Worse after eating, talking, moving arms, touching the throat. Better sitting up and bent forward.
  • Lobelia – Difficulty breathing. Prickly sensation all over. Emptiness in the stomach. Lump sensation in the throat.
  • Natrum Sulphuricum – Often inherited of a sycotic miasm. Sensitive to dampness or bathing. Attacks from 4am to 5am. Rattling and wheezing with a green purulent expectoration.
  • Spongia – Worse after sleep or sleeps into an attack. No rattle in breathing. Respiration loud, wheezing, sawing, whistling, and anxious. Worse at the full moon. Dry cough.
  • Thuja – After suppressed gonorrhea. After vaccination. Inherited sycotic miasm.

You must always have a complete case for good prescribing. Remember to always seek immediate medical care when a person is experiencing a severe asthma attack. Time is of the essence. Do not hesitate. Be very careful in recommending a person get off of their drugs. Have them see their prescribing physician to stop medications. Only do this when they are doing better and they improve beyond the need for the medications. Homeopathy can work to help them heal the cause of asthma and not just treat the symptoms.


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