Why I Love Homeopathy

Twice monthly I write a bit about something that is hopefully useful for you about homeopathy. In this blog, I have been pondering on what to write about and I decided to share a little about myself and why I love homeopathy. Hopefully, you will benefit from this as well.

For me, homeopathy is all about people and other living things; really about the vital force.           I LOVE PEOPLE!!      That's the bottom line. Homeopathy helps animals and plants to heal as well, anything with a vital force. But for me, it's all about people. If you want to be a homeopath, you had better really like people or it might be better to find a different profession.

I have clients say to me after telling their whole life story with tears and sobbing "How can you do this all day long, listening to people's miserable lives? Isn't this a depressing job you do?"

My reply is this; "All people suffer. It's simply a fact of life. No one ever comes to this earth and gets away without suffering. Everyone has a story. Some are more intense than others. But in the end, we all suffer. If homeopathy can help inspire healing for you then there is a little less suffering in the world. This makes me happy."

Another thing I love about homeopathy is that no two days are ever the same. Being a homeopath is all about change. It's all about movement. I am never bored being a homeopath. Each day will bring another story and hopefully a breakthrough for someone. My happiest days are doing follow-ups and hearing someone tell me of the wonderful changes happening in their life. This really makes my day and my happiness increases along with theirs. It's really a blessing I receive as they receive their own blessings.

Another thing I love about homeopathy is how synchronicity works in every case; how the universe shows up to reveal all I need to know and understand to help someone. I see this in every person I work with. Even for those people whose cases are challenging; it is another opportunity for me to really let go and let G-d. When I am open and unattached it is a marvel to see how all things are really perfect; unfortunately, even with a person's suffering. This does not negate any feelings of empathy I have for the person, but if my compassion interferes with my ability to be an unprejudiced observer, then I will not be able to help them anyway. It is best for me to remain unattached, see the perfection and allow myself to do what is necessary to help once again.

One last thought about homeopathy and being a homeopath: I love seeing the energy of the case and the energy of a remedy in action; seeing how it all plays out. Learning the subtle aspects of a remedy's energy that could only be known because a vital force brought it into existence and revealed the subtle ways of G-d's intention. It's like looking into a window of G-d's workshop and seeing how it all works.

These are just some of the reasons why I love homeopathy. I know there are too many more to list them all. Please share with me why you love homeopathy.  Leave your comments below. I would really love to hear from you. Thanks for allowing me to share with you.


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