Suppression vs Expression in Homeopathy

Many times in treating an individual they will also be doing different therapies from many different modalities.  We also have new clients that have been treated allopathically for decades before coming to the homeopath. Their cases can be quite confusing at times. Most of these clients' symptoms have been suppressed. It can take time to unravel the case. Let's explore suppression and what it really is.

      Webster's dictionary defines "suppress" as; to put down by authority or force; subdue; to keep from being known; to hold back. This is the exact opposite of "express" which means "to make known".

    As homeopaths, we need to know what the vital force is revealing in order to know dis-ease. Symptoms are the foundation for prescribing. Unlike the allopathic western method of diagnosis that gives suffering a name, the homeopathic approach encourages the expression of the dis-ease so it can be known and treated.

    The vital force is responsible for all expressions of life and dis-ease as well as the healing of the dis-ease. When we see the person heal following Hering's Law, we will see the renewed expression of the vital force and outward movement. This is in line with all of G-d's creation.  This is a state where all is constantly being revealed, instant by instant. When there is a spiritual disturbance, this will be revealed through changes in thought, emotion, and physical sensation. Homeopathy works because the energy of the remedy does not force a reaction onto the vital force but rather inspires the vital force to respond and reveal a  greater spiritual truth.

      From the western/allopathic model of disease, all disease is physical. Diagnostics give the suffering a name and drug (chemical), radiation, or surgery are the most accepted methods to alter the vital force expression of dis-ease. Symptoms often change and the vital force's ability to overcome the action of allopathic therapy on the body is subdued. This is suppression. The vital force does not have the ability to fully express itself,  which is in the natural flow with all of creation.

      When the suppression occurs the vital force will try very hard to continue to express, but with a strong suppression, will have to find a new way. We often see this after prolonged use of antibiotics (against life). The person never really gets beyond the disease and often will experience a re-occurrence of the illness. Only to be suppressed again and again by the allopathic method.

     These cases can be difficult because the person has gone away from the original expression of the dis-ease and now may have additional symptoms to their existing unexpressed/suppressed dis-ease acquired from the drug or other suppressive therapies. Cutting out a diseased part of the body amounts to suppression as well, since the body no longer has the part to express its suffering. It cannot heal this part of itself if it has been removed.

       It is important to understand a person's entire health history,  the order that their suffering has occurred, and what therapies they have used to try to treat their illness. Often you can see how the dis-ease has morphed into a new expression after a suppression. Usually, the force of the therapy will drive the disease to a more serious or vital organ. This is the body's way of adapting to the inability to express itself.

       There is divine wisdom inherent in our spiritual being. This reflects in the being's ability to always reflect perfectly what is asking to be healed. As Hahnemann said in Aphorism 9, "In the healthy condition of man, the spiritual vital force, the dynamis that animates the material body, rules with unbounded sway, and retains all parts of the organism in admirable, harmonious, vital operation, as regards to both sensations and functions, so that our indwelling, reason-gifted mind can freely employ this living, healthy instrument for the higher purposes of our existence."

     So for any suppressed condition, we may also see changes in the mind and emotions. These are often the greatest indicators to help us prescribe by. Understanding how a person has changed over the years is key to understanding their case and how their dis-ease may have been suppressed. Always try to get them to share with you what their suffering was like before they saw the doctor. This will be helpful in getting the pure symptoms before the suppression.

       I often think that Hahnemann and the earlier pioneers of homeopathy had a little easier time helping people heal. The dis-ease pictures were not nearly as confused and suppressed as we are experiencing today. Years of the allopathic method have created much suppression of disease and are now being recognized as modern-day miasms. The underlying health of man is continually being eroded by suppression. It is becoming harder and harder to see the expected healing response. In this sense, we must investigate even further than ever to understand the core disturbance. This is all a result of suppression.

      So never forget that the vital force always wants to express and ask your client to share about their sufferings, prior to the visit to the doctor and the allopathic therapy. It will help you find the core disturbance and help them more. But you have to sometime "dig around a bit". Eventually, with enough excavation, their real dis-ease will be revealed. Don't give up.


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