Educating Your Homeopathic Client

One of the biggest parts of being a homeopath is educating your client. Most people do not know about the process of homeopathic healing and expect healing to happen similar to what they have experienced when they have seen an allopathic doctor. I would say that 50% of what I do as a homeopath is educating my client.

     One of the first questions I ask of my client on the first visit is, "what do you know about homeopathy?" I will get a variety of answers from "herbs" to 'something that is natural". Most people do not understand even the rudimentary aspects of homeopathy.

     What I share with them usually goes something like this;

       "Homeopathy is energetic medicine. It is not a new-age medicine but has about a 240-year-old history. It was developed by a German doctor named Samuel Hahnemann who was very brilliant and dissatisfied with the medicine of the day. He was a real scientist whose powers of observation and ability to question the methods of the day led him to discover that "like cures like".

      What this means is that a substance that has the ability to make us sick in a particular way, can also help us heal similar sufferings. Homeopathy means, Homeo=similar and Pathy= suffering. Because the remedies are not drugs and are energy derived from specific substances, homeopathy is a very safe medicine.

     In homeopathy, we recognize that the vital force is responsible for all of life's expressions. Without it, we would be dead. It is responsible for all of our sufferings as well as the healing of our sufferings. Because we are mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual beings, we may talk about them as if they are separate, but they are all a result of the vital force.

      So when we have sensations or patterns of sufferings in our life, it is all a result of a disturbance in the vital force. The homeopathic remedy, being an energetic expression of the root substance, can inspire healing by communicating with the vital force. This works on the principle of resonance. Just like two tuning forks of the same tone will hum if one is triggered and the other in close enough proximity to "hear" it, the remedy works in a similar way.

     The vital force's expression of dis-ease energy is expressed and we know this by our sensory feedback system which equates to suffering. Please tell me about the sufferings in your life. Tell me everything I need to know to be able to help you."

     After I have received the case I then reflect to them about their story so they know I understand them. When I give them the remedy I speak a little about the energy of the remedy and how it may help inspire them to heal. I always remind them that they are the healer and their whole being knows how to heal but that it needed a little help and inspiration.

      I will tell them only a little about aggravations. I find that sharing too much about aggravations only aggravates them and can place fear and mistrust in their healing process. I will tell them about skin eruptions and to please let me know if they should have one appear. I also instruct them on how to handle the remedy and things to avoid when taking a remedy.

     At the conclusion of the visit, I remind them that if they have any questions arise about homeopathy or their healing, I want them to contact me. I want to be able to clarify any questions that they have and clear up any misconceptions about their healing process or homeopathy in general. This also helps establish an open line of communication and lets them know I am available and will listen. It helps foster trust. This I find is one of the most important things to have with your client. Without this, they will most likely not continue for very long as a client.

     For those of you who are seeing clients regularly, this essay may not seem so important. But let it remind you of some of the important elements of educating your client. If this essay seems new to any students or others interested in homeopathy; learn this well. It will help you get your practice off on the right foot or help you choose a good homeopath who shares these values.


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