Who is the Homeopath?

Sometimes it is easy to get lost in our "role" as healthcare providers and miss the bigger task at hand. There is a model I teach all of my students that I want to share with all of you that helps define who we are as homeopaths.

     Every science is based on a primary assumption. The primary assumption in homeopathy is there is a vital force that is non-material; spiritual. If we recognize this as the foundation for our healing art then a spiritual model becomes necessary for a greater understanding of our part as the homeopath. 

     Another assumption is that there is a creative energy animating and bringing all things into existence. This creator we have historically given the name G-d. So if G-d is creating all things then I (homeopath) and my client (suffering client) are an extension of G-d's creation. In essence, there is really no separation other than our ego identification of self (Hi, I'm Robert. I'm a homeopath. You must be the patient). I personally do not like the word patient for our clients. No one wants to be patient when they are suffering.

     Holding this model in mind anytime I wear my homeopath's cap is very useful. It puts me in direct alignment with all creation and reduces any separation from my client. I see this as a triangle with G-d at the top and Client and Homeopath at the bottom corners. The triangle is the strongest geometrical form in the universe. It is the holy trinity.


                                                                     /              \

                                             Suffering Client    <--------->    Homeopath

     As a homeopath, my intention is to be a channel for G-d's work. Hahnemann says to be an unprejudiced observer. In order to be an unprejudiced observer I try to be an empty vessel, completely open without an agenda. It is my time to allow G-d's inspiration to run through me and trust that everything shall be revealed through the client so I can "see" what is asking to be healed. Otherwise, if I have an agenda, a prejudice, or even a desire for something other than being a servant of G-d's work, then my separate, ego self will show up and I will not be the open channel to allow G-d's work to be done. 

    I know this may all sound a bit "spiritual" but in essence, homeopathy is spiritual medicine. How else could a physical substance be potentized beyond Avagrado's number of dilutions, and not a single molecule be present, yet still affect the healing of a suffering person?  

    This brings us back to the question, "Who is the Homeopath?". He is a person who is on a spiritual path and whose intention is aligned with the Divine source of all creation.  Keeping a model of the trinity will help you stay clear and allow the process of case receiving to happen. When you stay in empty alignment with the present, without prejudice, then everything will flow through you and you may be surprised at the results. When you give the remedy and include a prayer that it is for the person's highest good, miracles happen. Energy does follow intent. You will soon realize that you (the homeopath) are not the healer.


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