Why Become a Homeopath?

Why become a Homeopath? Because you love people. If you do not have an innate love for people then maybe being a Homeopath is not the right job for you. When you spend all day listening to people's woes and sufferings, it can be exhausting if you do not have an innate love and compassion for others. Not everyone is suited for this type of work. This is fine. But for the serious person wanting to become a Homeopath, you better love people.
Become a Homeopath because you love to learn. There will never be a day without learning as a Homeopath. Every person is different and every case is different. There is a unique remedy for each person. This is not something like allopathic medicine where you figure out a diagnosis and then prescribe a set protocol of medicine. It is an art and science to translate a person's story into a unique repertory of symptoms and then select a remedy for that person. It is far more elegant than an allopathic approach and provides never-ending opportunities to learn.
Become a Homeopath because you love the natural world. The homeopathic remedies come from all of the kingdoms and carry a unique signature of the energy. This is revealed through provings on real people. They report their experiences when responding to the remedy energy. These sensations that they report give an otherwise hidden view of the energy of the substance. It is so very fascinating to learn about the natural world through homeopathy.
Become a Homeopath because once you have been struck with the idea of helping others, you realize that there must be a better and safer way than the allopathic drug model. Although homeopathy is not a new-age science and is over two hundred years old, it stretches even the most open mind once it is discovered. It is fascinating to think that a person could be inspired to heal with energy alone.
This energy of the remedy has no direct physical effect but acts as an inspiration for the person's vital force to respond. This is where the healing comes from. We all have an innate ability to heal ourselves. Homeopathy is a way to bring that healing forward.
Become a Homeopath because you believe in powers greater than yourself. The vital force is a spiritual energy that animates our being. Without it we are dead. So to recognize this aspect of our being is in line with an understanding of a greater power at work here. This expression is unique to each of us and yet the commonality is astounding. Seeing homeopathy work will make you believe in powers higher than yourself.
Become a Homeopath because you like to have more control of your workday. Most Homeopaths work for themselves and can structure their business any way they like. This affords great freedom in one's life. If you like to have control of your time and how you spend it, being a Homeopath is a great way to have a profession and a life.
There are maybe a thousand more reasons to become a Homeopath. It may be slightly different for each of you. But probably the biggest reason is you want to help others and make a difference in their lives. Wonderful, close, intimate relationships are formed with your clients. It goes along with loving people, but having a real way to help is the true gift. Giving a recommendation for a remedy with confidence and seeing miracles happen is probably the greatest joy. As they heal you will also heal. It will bring increasingly higher levels of happiness to your life.
So, become a Homeopath! Be the best Homeopath you can be. Learn forever. Help others and have a life of meaning and purpose while doing it. See many miracles. What more could one ask for?

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