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Influenza Update


The last time I wrote about influenza was back on May 5, 2009; Influenza Pandemic?  Since then we have heard much about the influenza pandemic. One of the comments I had then and still do today is if there is a pandemic, meaning mass populations around the globe of people who are suffering from the flu symptoms, why haven't I seen any cases of influenza locally? Well in the last two weeks there have been 7 cases of influenza that I have seen. This does not seem like a particularly high number of people suffering, compared to any previous year. But I must say the fear around the suffering has been extreme. It seems the media blitz is having it's effects.

There have been 3 remedies that have been most useful so far. Two cases required Arsenicum, two cases Bryonia and 3 cases needed Gelsemium. This is about average in terms of common remedies necessary during the flu season. I differentiated the remedies based on their symptoms. One thing common to all of the cases was the...

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Who is the Homeopath?


Some responses to the last newsletter left me very encouraged about who we are as homeopath's. Sometimes it is easy to get lost in our "role" as health care providers and miss the bigger task at hand. There is a model I teach all of my students that I want to share with all of you that helps define who we are as homeopaths.

     Every science is based on a primary assumption. The primary assumption in homeopathy is there is a vital force that is non-material; spiritual. If we recognize this as the foundation for our healing art then a spiritual model becomes necessary for a greater understanding of our part as the homeopath. 

     Another assumption is that there is a creative energy animating and bringing all things into existence. This creator we have historically given the name G-d. So if G-d is creating all things then I (homeopath) and my client (suffering client) are an extension of G-d's creation. In essence there is really no...

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Morgellons Disease


Morgellons disease is the name for a new unexplained skin disorder that seems to be effecting more people all of the time. I have seen 5 cases of this in the last few years but I have an observation that may shed some light on this strange disease.

Morgellons disease is characterised by sores and lesions on the skin that itch intensely. This is accompanied by a crawling sensation on and under the skin. Often this is described as like a worm or a bug. The most recent case described it like a particular starfish with many tentacles extending all around the body. Every person has also claimed there are worm like threads or fibers that come out of the lesion. They each brought these fibers to the appointment for inspection. Each of them looked like a human hair.

Other symptoms include confusion and lack of concentration. It effects short-term memory, but interestingly the patient can remember intimate details of the disease. Often there is severe fatigue.


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The Future of Homeopathy


Homeopathy is at a crossroads. The future looks bright, but I have some deep concerns also. It seems there is a growing divide between those who want to see homeopathy legitimatized by standards and regulation and those who recognize the individual uniqueness of the homeopath, client and remedy. This I do not think can be standardized.

The group that wants to see homeopathy become mainstream medicine strives for a standard model of education as well as competency. This effectively lowers the standard of homeopathy to the lowest common denominator. In this model, every school must teach a standard minimum curriculum and testing. This is the same model that we have seen in the education of children in America. Much emphasis is put on testing with the individual who excels, being ignored. I think we have an educational vacuum in America as we are losing our brightest individuals to a standardized process. Read this very well written article. It is the same for homeopathy as with our...

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Biochemistry is a foundational understanding of using body constituents to help the body heal. It's roots date back to 1832 where a statement was written in Stapf's Archiv  "All the essential component parts of the human body are great remedies."  Another article in the same journal from 1846 reads, "All the essential component parts of the human body act on such organs principally where they have function."

It was in 1873 that Dr. Schuessler published his first article about the biochemic form of medicine. He identified a basic understanding about this medical view. It is based on three main principles.

  • The human body contains twelve vital inorganic elements which are responsible for maintenance of normal cell function.
  • When from some cause, one or more of these elements become deficient the normal cell function or metabolism is disturbed and a condition arises known as disease.
  • By supplying to the system the lacking elements in the form of...
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All of the "Pathy's"


In modern medicine we have many treatment modalities. Some end in -pathy. I want to explore what each of the pathy's are and how they differ. We all know something about Homeopathy, but there are several other sub-modalities and other systems of medicines carrying the same" pathy". First it is good to understand what "Pathy" means.

"Pathy" means suffering. It is a state of being that is not harmonious with our divine state. We are made in the image of G-d but suffering is inherent to our worldly existence. The "pathy" in all of the modalitites of healing is a suffix to the form of healing system. Homeo-pathy is similar - suffering. It is based on the law of Simila similibus curentur or "like cures like". We apply the law of similars to acheive the healing response. It recognizes the vital force and aims to treat the whole person and cause, not just the symptom. It is a completely different approach than some of the other "pathy's".

Allopathy or hertopathy is the treatment of disease...

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Most tropical and subtropical areas in the world have mosquitoes that can carry the single-celled Plasmodium parasite that causes Malaria. It is one of the most common and deadly diseases for mankind. There are between 300 and 500 million people infected with this disease and 1-2 million deaths annually as a result of Malaria.

The cycle of Malarial infection begins when a female mosquito bites a person with Malaria. The mosquito ingests the blood that contains the Malarial parasite. Once inside the mosquito the parasite reproduces and multiplies. When the mosquito bites another person the parasite is injected into the body. Once inside the parasite migrates to the liver where it multiplies again. Typically the parasite reaches maturity in 1 to 3 weeks where it migrates to the red blood cells, eventually causing the red blood cells to rupture.

Once the cells rupture the parasites are released and suddenly the person develops chiil and fever. The reproduction cycle and rupture are...

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Emotional Freedom Technique


There are many different adjuncts to homeopathy that can help a person heal. One of the very best and quickest one I know is doing the Emotional Freedom Technique or "Tapping". Tapping is an easy, self directed and quick way to change the energy of the suffering person. It can be used for mental, emotional or physical ailments and is very, very safe.

I am unsure of the originator of tapping but it has become increasingly popular in the last few years and for very good reason...it works.

You can tap for a variety of ailments including fears, traumatic situations, anxiety, pain or virtually anything that you are wanting to feel different about. Very quickly your energy will shift. It is not necessary to understand the mechanics of tapping to have it work.

Tapping is a light finger tap on specific acupuncture meridian junctions that gently stimulate the energy of our whole being. Tapping while speaking about the problem we want to change will interrupt the thought field and creating an...

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It's All About Love


Yesterday was Valentine's Day. This day is celebrated on February 14 of each year in commemoration of Saint Valentine. It is traditionally a day that love and affection is celebrated between intimate companions. As with all of the emotions tied up in lovers there is an equal possibility for pain and suffering to happen when love becomes disappointed.

There was a dark comedy movie released a few years ago called Valentines Day. The movie tracked several people and couples showing their triumphs and failures in love. In the end love prevailed, but the suffering of all of the individuals made for good drama. It was quite representative of the trials and tribulations most people go through to finally find love in their life.

There is probably not one person on this planet who has not experienced disappointment in love. Real love is an action and not a feeling; the ego mind so wants to believe all of the emotional feelings of the heart, that when disappointment comes, it is very...

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Fear is a big section of our Repertory. Why do you suppose that is? I think it is because our human nature tends to show our separation from G-d through this primary emotion. If we were to be in the graces of love and without ever being in fear, then we might say that there is no spiritual basis for the expression of dis-ease or suffering. But we do experience fear and no one escapes this. It is the quickest way to leave our truth and believe in the untruth or falsness of our expereince.

I have an acronym that reminds me of the truth about fear. It is F=False, E=Evidence, A=Appearing, R=Real. False Evidence Appearing Real. This really does explain fear. Fear in the Websters Dictionary is; an unpleasant often strong emotion caused by expectation or awareness of danger. Anxious concern. dread, fright, alarm, panic, terror, trepidation.

Homeopathy often uses fears as a way to help define the energy of a person and understand what is asking to be healed. It is the most common of...

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