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The most common question I receive is about getting certified in homeopathy and being able to practice legally. Certification and licensing are completely different in Homeopathy. Certification is to certify. It amounts to attesting to something. Certification can come from any school or certifying organization as to certifying the completion of a course or educational requirements.
Along with certification, there is usually a title or credential that the applicant will have earned. There are many titles in circulation today that schools and organizations have created to attest to their applicant's successful completion of the requirements. These certified credentials are not recognized by any State or Federal Regulating Body and only serve to bring legitimacy to the Homeopath.
The title most recognized in the world is RSHom. It comes from the Registered Society of Homeopaths in the UK. This title is the oldest and most respected title and is used by more Classical Homeopaths in most countries around the globe. In North America, we have the North American Society of Homeopaths (NASH) which is an organization focused on bringing support for Homeopaths and representing Homeopathy as a profession. NASH will issue RSHom (NA) for its successful applicants.
NASH has enlisted the services of the Council for Homeopathic Certification (CHC) to be the testing agency for their applicants. The CHC also issues a credential Certified Classical Homeopath (CCH) that is becoming more popular as Homeopathy is more recognized in North America.
Neither of these titles nor any other title, if not issued by a State or Federal Agency is a license to practice Homeopathy. Licensing is through the individual states and their legislation or laws concerning the practice of Medicine or Homeopathy in particular. Licensing is a privilege granted by law to engage in an activity that is regulated by a Governing Board controlled by State legislation.
Some states have passed legislation that is favorable to alternative medicine and allows the practice of Homeopathy under certain conditions. The National Health Freedom Coalition, is an organization committed to making alternative healing available to the public. They work at a grassroots level to change laws in states to allow the consumer the right to seek health care of their choice. For the most current status of their progress and current state laws, visit their website. For the state you wish to practice in it is imperative that you investigate current legislation and find out what your state allows concerning the practice of medicine or homeopathy in particular.
NASH and the CHC have worked hard to bring legitimacy to Homeopathy in North America. The problem with the credentialing of Homeopaths is the level of experience needed to pass a test. This is also a problem with most schools of Homeopathy today. A lot of focus is directed to the academic and didactic learning about Homeopathy with the intention of passing a test. The real challenge of being a Homeopath is not addressed and the newly credentialed homeopath goes out into the world to practice but does not have the experience. This is especially true of correspondence courses offering a credential.
This is why the Resonance School of Homeopathy is different than other schools. All teaching is with live cases and follow-ups from day one. This is the way to get the experience you need to go out into the world and be a Homeopath. It is one thing to learn about Homeopathy and pass a test. It is quite another to be a Homeopath starting as a professional with experience. All students at Resonance School of Homeopathy are student practitioners and have the privilege of inviting clients to class to have their case taken. Each class weekend you will see and participate in at least 4 new cases and follow-ups with previous clients. This is the best way to learn Homeopathy; by doing it. The focus of our school is not in learning about Homeopathy and test-taking. It is about being a Homeopath and getting the experience you need to go out in the world prepared to really help people with Homeopathy.
Originally the requirements for the CHC exam were that all education must come from teachers who have passed the CHC exam themselves. Robert Field has been certified and carries the credential CCH, RSHom(NA), APH (Advanced Practitioner of Homeopathy, Nevada) and CTHom (Certified Trained Homeopath) from ESSH School of Homeopathy - Vega Rozenberg.
Recent changes to the requirements for CHC have required that all students must attend an ACHENA accredited school. Resonance School of Homeopathy has elected to NOT become ACHENA accredited due to high costs and restriction to teaching style. It would be cost-prohibitive as well as changing the way we train our students.
NASH will recognize the Hours of Completion Certificate from Resonance School of Homeopathy and issue RSHom to qualified applicants.
Any credential (HMD, APH, HA) from the State of Nevada is not a license to practice medicine but a legal recognition certifying an individual in Homeopathy and allowing practice within certain State Regulations. Nevada is one of only a few states that have State Boards regulating Homeopathy. Resonance School of Homeopathy is an accredited school with the Nevada Homeopathic Board of Medical Examiners (NVBHME) and all training is qualified with the NVBHME as training for the titles of HMD (Homeopathic Medical Doctor), APH (Advanced Practitioner of Homeopathy and HA (Homeopathic Assistant). It is legal for all three credentials to prescribe Homeopathic medicines in Nevada.
Resonance School of Homeopathy will issue a Certificate of Hours of Completion to ALL students; Online Students as well as those students who attend live. This can be used to show how you have fulfilled your educational requirements if you desire to become credentialed through NASH or NVBHME.
Only those students who have completed the requirements and have attended enough classes for Robert Field to have observed their skills in prescribing, case management, case understanding, and their own evolution will receive a Diploma certifying them as a Certified Trained Homeopath (CTHom). This is different than hours of completion. This diploma is attesting to a student's proficiency and readiness to go out into the world and start their career as a professional Homeopath. It is not easily attained.

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