The Legality of Practice

In the United States, the practice of medicine is regulated by legislation in each of the 50 states. The reality is there are 50 different sets of laws that relate to the practice of medicine so it becomes quite confusing. Most states do not address homeopathy in particular which makes it even more difficult to navigate.

You are bound by the laws of the state in which you reside and practice. It is a good idea to investigate and read the legislation in your state. I am not a lawyer and this is NOT legal advice. If you can not understand the legislation written by your state in regards to homeopathy or the practice of medicine then consult a lawyer or contact your Attorney General’s office. They can help you to find the pertinent legislation, interpret the meaning and share any info they have as to how the practice of homeopathy has been handled.

Only a few states have Homeopathic Medical Boards that specifically regulate homeopathy. These states require testing and fees and offer a state credential that amounts to the license to practice homeopathy.

There is a very strong movement in Health Freedom legislation that is being adopted by states that allow homeopathy to be practiced without a license. Each state's health freedom laws are slightly different. Most require a statement that identifies you and your training. The law also prohibits the piercing of skin or touch and specifically disallows the practice of any medicine already regulated by law.

These health freedom laws are there to allow the consumer the right to choose an alternative treatment. Homeopathy falls in the guidelines for treatment as long as we are not diagnosing or claiming to provide primary care. The National Health Freedom Coalition is a great organization to get more information and help you get health freedom laws passed in your state. You can go to their website HERE.

Most homeopaths want to have a credential that lends credibility or legitimacy to their practice. The CHC offers testing and the credential CCH (Certified Classical Homeopath). This credential offers no protection under the law. It is NOT a license to practice homeopathy.

The North American Society of Homeopaths is an organization representing professional homeopaths, whether they are lay practitioners or with any other professional organizations. They also offer testing and offer a credential RSHom (NA). This is the Registered Society of Homeopaths (North America). They offer a variety of support to the homeopathic profession including scholarships, legal defense funds for their Registered members, and the ability to lobby for the profession of Homeopathy.

RSHom (NA) is not a license to practice medicine but is the most respected title in the world for homeopathy. More countries recognize this title than any other credential in homeopathy. Plus they offer direct support for the practicing homeopath. I highly suggest all Homeopathic practitioners join this great organization. The more you support them the more they can support you.

I have seen over the 25 years I have been involved in homeopathy that there have been a few waves of attacks against homeopathy. Often this will be singling out one practitioner in a state and bringing some kind of charge against them. Trying to make an example of one practitioner is simply to bring fear to the community of homeopaths in practice. There was usually something the unlicensed practitioner did that upset the powers that be; maybe making a false claim, claiming to treat a specific disease or advertising.

Getting the attention of the public also gets the attention of the authorities or overly zealous doctors wanting to protect their profession. My advice is to let your good works speak for themselves and word of mouth support you. During this time of concern about the legality of practice, I have seen many hundreds of homeopaths continue to practice their healing art and not have any problems what-so-ever. Be aware, and do not let fear rule you. Be informed and know your risks.

Dr. Wilson has written a great book called Legal Guidelines for Unlicensed Practitioners. I highly recommend this book to every practitioner. He has done a brilliant job of explaining your rights as a practitioner and what to do as well as avoid to help your legal status. It should be on every homeopath's bookshelf.

Navigating the legality of practice is cumbersome. But right now we have more support than ever. Homeopathy is the fastest-growing alternative health care modality. Luckily we have the US Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of Medicine that regulates the manufacturing of homeopathic medicines and remedies. As long as it is still legal to purchase homeopathic remedies the need for homeopaths will exist.

Homeopathy is the most powerful and safe medicine on the planet. Supporting it will support you. Be informed.


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