True Healing Takes Time In Homeopathy

One of the biggest myths about healing is that it happens as an event. The belief of most people in the western world is that when they are sick, they can just take a drug, and feel better very quickly and that is the end of it. We know this to be a little different from the homeopathic perspective.

     My teacher Vega Rozenberg taught his students repeatedly that "Time is Mercy".  This Kabbalah understanding really does apply to the healing process. It can make all of the difference in how you view a case and proceed when you know this. If you have a clear understanding of what is asking to be healed, then it is easier to know where a person is in their healing process.

      I find often that in chronic or constitutional prescribing the client will be feeling much better after some period of time. My expectation is that there is noticeable movement in the case after one month. But many times it is within a few months that the client feels that they are so much better they want to stop the remedy.

     At this point, education and communication are very important. In the initial visit as well as subsequent visits I remind the client that healing is a process and not an event. Even though they are feeling much better, it takes time to remove the susceptibility to their dis-ease. At first, this is a new concept to most clients.

    When we are healing as a result of the inspiration from the remedy, the vital force is actually closing the window of the susceptibility to the dis-ease darkness that clings to them. As this susceptibility lessens we actually feel better. But often I find that when the person is feeling better if they stop the remedy prematurely, they will return in a few months reporting that they are suffering again. I try to avoid this by educating them about the healing process and continuing the remedy that is working.

     It takes time to remove this susceptibility.  Time allows us to make mistakes without the instant "karma" created by our actions or thoughts. This always is reflected at some level in a person's thinking or actions and eventually is expressed in the physical. It will be summed up in its totality eventually expressing a pattern in the person's life. When understood at this level what is asking to be healed, homeopathy takes on a completely different healing potential. It becomes life medicine.

     Sharing this perspective with your client will prepare them for the healing journey they are on. It is usually very comforting for my clients to understand this especially when they are experiencing the benefits of the remedy. They want to continue their treatment even when they are feeling better.

      So share with your clients that healing is a process, not an event. If they understand the depth of how homeopathy is really a life medicine then they will come for their follow-ups and do much better over time. Homeopathy heals not just acute or chronic dis-ease, but will heal a life as well.


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