Homeopathic Prescribing in Stages of Health

philosophy prescribing Nov 21, 2022

There are three main stages of health that any individual may express. The first stage is good health which would indicate constitutional homeopathic prescribing. The second stage would be more acute/chronic where pathology has taken over. And the third stage is shortly before death. It is good to understand these stages of health when doing any evaluation of your client.

The first stage of health is the stage that most homeopaths are prescribing for. This is the stage where the person is in fairly good health and looking for better health. They may have occasional colds or flu and some aches and pains but is in fairly good health with strong vitality. This is where prescribing becomes for the person in their totality and the homeopath is looking for patterns in the person's life that may lead to a very good homeopathic remedy. At this stage, it is very important to do good homeopathy although the person does not depend on the results to maintain a healthy or happy life. This is the stage that most homeopaths are doing the most work.

The second stage of health is when pathology has taken over and the person is suffering in a chronic way that could even be life-threatening. This is the stage when tumors appear, organs become diseased and health is in jeopardy. At this stage, it is necessary for the homeopath to change the approach slightly in order to properly treat the person. The same rules apply, in that we treat the whole person and pay attention to what is strange, rare, or peculiar. But the emphasis will be on selecting a remedy with greater affinity to the organ or dis-ease process that is occurring. It will usually not be enough to take into consideration the patterns in their life and ignore the presence of the dis-ease. It will be necessary to consider how the dis-ease is expressed along with their life story to understand what remedy will be best. Always consider the affinity of the remedy so that it will be well prescribed.

The last stage of health is approaching death. This is when the soul is beginning to separate from the body. At this level, it is always best to find remedies that will palliate and make the transition out of the body as comfortable as possible. As homeopaths, we do not get to choose a persons healing or the length of their life. I never promise a miracle but have seen the properly prescribed remedy change what appears to be imminent death to a renewed rally of healing and an increase in their vitality and health. It is then important to continue to prescribe accurately and keep the person as comfortable as possible.

Knowing these stages of health will make your job easier and you will be a better homeopath to consider this in all of your cases. I spoke more about approaching death in the last blog. Be happy and healthy.  And learn more...


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