Bad vs Wrong Prescriptions in Homeopathy

No homeopath always gives the correct prescription the first time. Some homeopaths feel that a wrong prescription is also a bad prescription. I disagree. I feel there is a distinct difference between a bad prescription and a wrong prescription. This is all up to the homeopath doing the prescribing.

I often tell my students that they can not do homeopathy wrong if they are following some good guidelines for the practice of homeopathy. But even with good guidelines, there is a point where the homeopath must make a decision about the remedy and what to do. This is often made to be too complicated on the part of the homeopath. Homeopathy can be simple but this all depends on the homeopath's state of mind, knowledge, and intention.

A bad prescription is one that is made without certainty. The most common pitfall for new homeopaths is a lack of knowledge and the feeling they need to do something with the client. Unless it is an emergency that requires quick action, any undue stress on the part of the homeopath will only lead to a bad prescription. The homeopath needs to have a clear mind and no agenda. Only then can he/she be the channel for knowledge. If the need to find the remedy is forefront in the homeopath's mind they will only rush to make a decision. Most often this leads to failure.

The decision to give a remedy comes with many other decisions that have already been made in regard to the case. The first and foremost is "What is asking to be healed?" Only after this is very clear and settled for the homeopath can a correct prescription be made. If it is not, bad rubrics will be chosen, incorrect remedies for the case will appear and bad prescriptions follow. And if during this process anxiety is present about the case, the process, or the remedy chosen, a bad prescription will follow.

Following bad prescriptions the homeopath will usually second guess himself leading to more anxiety about the case, loss of sleep and generally suffer about it. This is what makes a prescription bad. There should be no anxiety and only confidence after a prescription.

When a homeopath is very clear in their mind and it is settled, the case will be clear also. He/she will know what is asking to be healed and will choose rubrics based on the core energy of the case. The remedies to choose from will be well-selected remedies. Then upon further investigation of the remedies, the unique and perfect remedy can be chosen. But even after going through this, sometimes the remedy does not seem to work. Has the homeopath made a mistake? I do not think so.

If the homeopath has a clear intention and attention to the case and does good homeopathy, he/she will be settled in his heart. There will be no anxiety. With a very clear conscience, he/she will sleep well at night and know that the very best remedy has been given. Even if the remedy turns out to be wrong and does not help, this is not a bad prescription. It is simply a wrong prescription. And it is not a mistake.

If the homeopath does the very best she can and is settled in her mind and heart, there could not be a mistake. The client and the homeopath came together by mutual agreement. All that is revealed during the interview is sacred. Recognizing our roles and doing our very best puts us in divine accord. Our conscience becomes our guide. Therefore it would not be a mistake to do our best, but only a wrong prescription was given. When this occurs for me I have no guilt or suffering. I just retake the case and move forward. There are no accidents.

The difficult part of being a homeopath is that there is no guide written for this process. It is a process of spiritual self-evolution. The linear part of homeopathy is easy by comparison. We must have constant vigilance in regard to ourselves. Only we know when we are doing right and wrong. Our conscience is a very good indicator. Bad prescriptions happen when we are not following this guide. Wrong prescriptions can happen to any homeopath. But bad prescriptions happen when we are not acting from our highest potential. Then we can lose our integrity and give a remedy or recommendation without being sure ourselves.

Set your intention daily to do the very best you can and to do it with confidence. If you do not have confidence in what you are doing it will lead to bad prescriptions. Study often and each case will become a little easier. Always follow your conscience. It will be your best guide. Then when the client returns and says, "Nothing has happened and the remedy did not work.",you will welcome the moment. Your ego will not be bruised because you know you gave the very best remedy. Yes, it may not have worked and was a wrong prescription, but it was not a bad prescription. You will learn the very most from these cases and you will sleep well at night knowing you are a good homeopath.


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