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How Homeopathy Can Help With Stress

By far the most common complaint I receive from my clients is stress. It is a condition arising from daily life especially here in America where the pace of life is so very fast. It can also come from more unusual circumstances but is the result of the person being challenged in ways that they find harder to cope with. But homeopathy can help.

Most stress arises from issues of work, family, health, and money. These for the underlying conditions that cannot be corrected easily or quickly thus leading to stress. Most often the condition is outside of any direct control the person has in relation to the problem. Yet these conditions can cause great suffering when our relation to the problem does not bring the solution. Then the problem does not go away and seems to weigh the person down. This is our stress response. If their relationship to the problem could change, the problem would then change as well. It all has to do with our ability to manage our emotional response, anxiety, and...

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