Homeopathy for Kidney Stones

remedies Feb 18, 2021

Kidney stones occur in about one in 1000 people. The passing of kidney stones can cause excruciating pain. Homeopathy can be very useful in helping to heal the susceptibility to kidney stones and during the acute pain of passing them.

Kidney stones are called renal calculi. They are crystallized mineral deposits that develop in the renal pelvis or calyces. Calculi develop when calcium and other minerals, such as uric acid, crystallize in the kidney. These can break off and enter the ureters causing pain (renal colic) during the spasmodic contraction of the ureter. Sometimes complete blockage of the ureter happens. This is a serious situation and needs prompt attention. If the stones are small enough, they can pass unnoticed.  

Renal colic is characterized by excruciating, intermittent pain, usually in the area over the kidney in the small of the back and spreading across the abdomen often to the genitals and inner thighs. Other symptoms can include nausea, vomiting, abdominal distention, chills, fever, and blood in the urine. The urge to urinate can become frequent as the stone passes down the ureter.  

Diagnosis is usually based on the type and location of the pain and the presence of blood in the urine. X-rays can detect calcium stones but a radiopaque dye is needed for uric acid stones. If the stones are large enough, sometimes ultrasound can detect them. A common treatment for acute renal colic is lithotripsy. This is a treatment using sound shock waves to shatter the stone, breaking it apart so that the smaller pieces can be passed without pain. It is relatively safe but requires a hospital procedure. If this does not work, surgery is often necessary if there is a complete blockage.

Drinking a lot of fluids will help increase urine production and help flush stones out. Diet can help in some instances depending on the composition of the stone.

Rubrics from the Complete 2005 Repertory that may be useful in coming to a remedy for kidney stones are:

  • Bladder; calculi
  • Urine; sediment; renal calculi
  • Kidneys; pain; calculi, from bladder
  • Urine; sediment; sand, gravel, small calculi
  • Kidneys; pain; left, colic with
  • Kidneys; pain; right, colic with
  • Kidneys; pain; colic
  • Kidneys, pain; colic, pain in extremities with
  • Kidneys; pain; colic, paroxysms between
  • Kidneys; pain; colic, pressing glans amel.
  • Kidneys; pain, colic, vomiting with
  • Back; pain, colic in

The most useful and indicated remedy for help with the acute pains and passing of the stone is Berberis Vulgaris. This single remedy will work most of the time. It is the very first remedy to think of. It covers the majority of the symptoms of renal calculi. Common sensations are bubbling pains in the kidneys, severe pain in the kidneys, pains radiating or extending to the testes. Pains may radiate, change locations or emanate from the small of the back. Usually, the 30C or 200C potencies will work best in the acute. Repetition as necessary. Other remedies that can be very useful and should not be ignored include:

  • Lycopodium - especially if the symptoms are right-sided. Must strain to urinate. Urine burning hot.
  • Sarsaparilla - Also right-sided pain. Can pass urine only when standing. Pain in urethra extending to abdomen.
  • Benzoic Acid - Urine strong smelling. Pains suddenly change locality.  Useful in uric acid calculi.
  • Calcarea Carbonica - Urine dark, sour, foul, or strong odor. White sediment in urine.
  • Calcarea Renalis - Left-sided pain. vomiting with pain. Blood in the urine. Helps dissolve stones since it is from the kidney stone.
  • Lithium Carbonicum - Pain in bladder extending to testes or spermatic cord. Right-sided kidney pain.
  • Pareira Brava - Must get on all fours with head pressed to the floor to urinate. Constant urging to urinate with great straining. Pain extending down thighs.
  • Urtica Urens - Blood in the urine. Uric acid calculi. Urine suppressed.
  • Cantharis - Tenesmus. Constant desire to urinate. Burning, scalding cutting pains. Blood in the urine. Urine passes drop by drop.

Study your repertory and materia medica. Kidney stones are a chronic condition that makes itself known in a very acute way. When considering remedies to help reduce the chronic expression of this disease, always include mental symptoms and remember to prescribe to the essence of the case; to the person in their totality. Never forget Berberis in the acute expression; it will help more often than any other remedy.


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