What's Asking to be Healed

Uncategorized Nov 04, 2019

The greatest challenge for any homeopath is to truly perceive the case. It is imperative that we understand what the vital force is expressing. Only when we can perceive this accurately can we know what is asking to be healed.

During our most recent class at Resonance School of Homeopathy I became painfully aware that the greatest challenge for all students as well as professional homeopaths is to be able to clearly define the case before them. We hear a big story sometimes. Other times we do not get much of a story at all from the client. It is our job as the homeopath to be unprejudiced and simply understand the case for what it is.

I find that the biggest hurdle for most homeopaths is to distill the information in to a central core disturbance. This ALWAYS comes out of the testimony of the client and the observations of the homeopath. This process is not an easy one. There is NO ONE SINGLE WAY to come to this because not all cases are the same.

There comes a time in the case when I have heard the disturbance. It always comes out of the clients story. When I am able to repeat their story, in just a few words, I am always responded to with a confirmation that I have understood them. Then I know I have the core of what is asking to be healed. It never comes out of speculation or explaining their story with other stories that are similar. I find that this is the most common error that most students make. If they can  explain another's story by using similar stories, then they somehow feel as though they understand the client themselves. It never works and is prejudicing the case.

We must always use the clients story as a "stand alone" story. It is never the same or even similar to another. This is why when it can be re-contextualized and given back to them with the essence of what they have shared, I always get an affirmative response. I have not changed their story to do this. I have merely understood it by it's essence. This process is necessary to understand what is asking to be healed. It requires letting go of any preconceived ideas one may have about the person or the case before them.

This process requires practice. It usually does not come easily for most people because naturally we tend to explain our world by things we already know and have experienced before. This training can only happen with a live interaction. It can not be learned from a book. This is why we train homeopaths with live cases and follow-ups only at Resonance School of Homeopathy. There is really no other way to learn this art. The reason I call it an art is because this is the human/interactive part of being a homeopath. This is where the "rubber meets the road" so to speak. It is in the "doing" part of homeopathy. But it requires the homeopath to be in the "being" part of himself. We must be very clear about what we are experiencing with the client.

Most of the time our minds are filled with much chatter and ideas. When we connect these ideas to past experiences we will naturally have a running dialogue  inside our heads. The mantra I preach to my student's  is to "let go". We must be clear vessels to "hear the case". We must turn off the chatter and simply "be with the case".  Let the case fill you up. There is really nothing to do when I am perceiving the case. Eventually the case "fills me up" and then there is the moment of clarity when I can say it is like "this" for the client. When this occurs I can easily find the proper rubrics that express the energy of the case and the proper remedy that is homeopathic. It never happens before this occurs.

Only after knowing what is asking to be healed could we ever find the correct homeopathic remedy. Practice letting go during case receiving. Turn off the chatter in your mind. Let go. Allow the case to fill you up. Be still. Ask for help from higher powers. Eventually, and much sooner than you think, the essence of the case will become clear. It will not include another story to explain it. It will stand on it's own and will be complete. Then, and only then, should we start our search for the remedy.


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