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Uncategorized Nov 04, 2019

Maybe all of you have heard of Qi or Chi. It is the name of our energy in Chinese Medicine. Qi is an energy that circulates in our being and is throughout our being. It is not just in our physical body but also a part of our being. Wei Qi is a particular kind of Qi that amounts to our defensive Qi. It is somewhat akin to our ability to ward off psychic attack as well as our immune system defence being able to ward off a viral or bacterial attack. Homeopathic healing provides a similar support when we are inspired through our response to a remedy.

During recent international travel I found that there was a cough that was epidemic in Northern Europe. Many people in public places had a very wet cough with much mucous rales. This cough was deep and persistent. After many days of exposure to this cough I was being challenged to keep my Wei Qi up.

People were not at all courteous or practicing good hygiene. They would not cover their face or even turn away. I was amazed at this. If I were the hygiene police they would all have been arrested and made to wear masks. But since I was a fellow traveller I had to take care of myself. Hygiene, as Hahnemann recognized, is very important in the maintenance of health and healing.

The first few days of this exposure I was very strong and convinced that I did not have any need for this type of illness and my Wei Qi was strong. But after repeated exposure I began to doubt that I could remain invulnerable to this virulent disease. I would remind myself often that I am healthy. It was very necessary to get good sleep and find refuge at times. But I persisted in my mantra and with the grace of G-d did not fall ill.

I share this story to remind you that all dis-ease is individual. I was exposed to many germs and virus' and yet did not fall ill. It was the continued mental reminder that my body did not need to suffer in this way that helped keep my immune system up. I know many of you are Doctors and are exposed to many ill people. Keeping a healthy state of mind helps keep the body healthy too. Using homeopathy to heal will bring dis-ease to resolution rather than suppression.

It is very important to understand Wei Qi as it relates to health. Not only is this defensive Qi for our physical health protection but for the protection of our minds and spirit as well. This is why how we mentally approach an unhealthy environment is so critical. I hear clients say, "Oh, my daughter is sick and I know I will get it too." Sure enough they become ill themselves. Our attitudes effect our physical health. Our immune systems respond to our thoughts. There is a great book called "The Molecules of Emotion" by Dr. Candice Pert that really goes into this further. Another great book by Dr Bruce Lipton, "The Biology of Belief" expands this subject even more.

I share this today to inspire all of you to approach the coming flu season with consciousness. Be aware of your thoughts. Many of you are physicians who see a lot of sick people. Be clear in your mind about your need for illness and your vulnerabilities. We can not always protect ourselves 100 percent. But being aware and practicing good hygiene ourselves will go far.

Remember to wash your hands often after contact with people or public places. I probably do not need to remind you to cover your mouth and turn away when coughing or sneezing, but with the number of people who I saw NOT practicing good etiquette, I will state it again. Vitamins can be helpful to bolster our immune system along with good diet and plenty of sleep. Homeopathy offers the very best protection keeping our vital force healthy and strong, bringing clarity of mind and a healthy body.

Keep your Wei Qi up and your intention clear as we approach the winter months. You do not have to be vulnerable to illness. Maintain your health with a clear mind and a healthy body. You will then be able to help many more people from your healthy state.


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