Using Tapping to Support Healing

philosophy Nov 18, 2021

There are many different adjuncts to homeopathy that can help a person heal. One of them is "tapping." Tapping is an easy, self-directed, and quick way to change the energy of the suffering person. It can be used for mental, emotional, or physical ailments and is very, very safe.

I am unsure of the originator of tapping but it has become increasingly popular in the last few years and for very good works.

You can tap for a variety of ailments including fears, traumatic situations, anxiety, pain, or virtually anything that you are wanting to feel different about. Very quickly your energy will shift. It is not necessary to understand the mechanics of tapping to have it work.

Tapping is a light finger tap on specific acupuncture meridian junctions that gently stimulate the energy of our whole being. Tapping while speaking about the problem we want to change will interrupt the thought field and create an opening in our consciousness for a new thought form to replace it. Tapping while telling of our sufferings and then tapping in other particular points while reminding ourselves of a greater truth, changes our energy quickly.

The method does not ask the person to negate the negativity. It asks that the negativity be fully expressed while tapping to open the channels up. All positive tapping should include the statement, "I love myself." This is in line with all healing and brings a basic truth to our consciousness.

It is a good idea to evaluate the suffering before beginning to tap so there is a point of reference for any changes. Zero would be no charge to the issue and ten would be something like "I can not take another minute of this." Having this number is important. You can then quickly see and feel the changes as they take place by re-evaluating after the tapping session.

The points for tapping are simple to locate. Rather than try to explain them here, there are very good videos available on multiple internet sites that show this. Google "Tapping" or "Emotional Freedom Technique" and you will have many to choose from. Dr. Joseph Mercola has promoted tapping for quite some time and has one of the most complete websites for anything having to do with medicine and healing. You can join his blog and become a member for free and get email updates of articles that he is constantly publishing. This is a very good resource. Use this link to access his article on the Emotional Freedom Technique.

I want to share an example of tapping that I did with a client of mine. At our scheduled follow-up, she expressed a fear of flying as she talked about a trip across the country that was approaching in the next week. I asked her if she was open to tapping about this and she said yes. I led her through two rounds of tapping asking her to feel as many sensations and fears as she could while tapping. During the 5 minutes it took for us to go through the two rounds, her fear went from an 8 to a 2.

One month later on our next visit, she thanked me profusely for helping her with her fear. Normally the week preceding a trip like this, her anxiety would grow and she would be nearly paralyzed with fear during the flight. She reported this time that she did not even remember that she had a fear of flying as she went to the airport and had a very nice flight. It was only after walking off the plane to her destination that she remembered that she had fear of flying.

Having a tool to help yourself or your client get relief from suffering is very valuable. Learning this simple technique can make a big difference in your own day as well as the day of your client. Learn this and teach them how to do it for themselves. Encourage them to do it several times per day when the stress of their suffering becomes too much. If they do this technique, they will thank you for having such a wonderful tool that only supports their healing while doing good homeopathy.


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