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prescribing Jul 23, 2020

When receiving a case, we often are given a lot of seemingly valuable information. As the person tells their story, we can end up with dozens of different symptoms that can be repertized. This can be an overwhelming amount of information, especially if repertizing by using books. With modern computer repertizing programs, it is easy to enter all of these symptoms and get many suggestions for remedies.

When we have a case that has so many rubrics, it will often leave us more confused. If we have chosen rubrics that have hundreds of different remedies under them, having to sift through so many remedy choices can be a daunting task. Often, we can narrow the list of possibilities down to six remedies or so if we have good knowledge of Materia Medica.

But when we have so many rubrics leading to so many remedies, we can miss the most vital part of the case. Most often Sulphur and the other leading polycrest remedies will be the most indicated. In the end, this will not lead to good remedy choices or good remedies.

The most important aspect of being the homeopath is knowing what is asking to be healed. Once we are clear on this, then the selection of rubrics should be reflective of the core of the case. Often, I will use only two rubrics that are undeniable to repertize the case. This acts as a filter for all of the many other ways the person suffers that can be translated into symptoms.

I will share an example; I received a call yesterday from a long time client. She complained of chest pain and pain in her left arm above the elbow. The pain would come and go and last for 10-15 minutes. These are classic angina symptoms. Her story was of being too busy with work, traveling to and from her home, and taking care of her mother. I got the picture of someone with no time to take care of herself and running herself into the ground. Her story was a little scattered and when I would ask a direct question, she would often answer with another story of what is happening in her life.

In the end, I could have translated about ten parts of her story to different rubrics. But what was undeniable was that she was burnt out from work and taking care of others and her heart was talking to her.

The rubrics I chose from the Complete 2005 repertory were:

  • Generalities; weakness, nursing the sick
  • Heart and Circulation, angina pectoris, stenocardia

The remedies that covered the totality of the case were Cimicifuga, Oleander, Nux Vomica, Carbo Vegetablis, and Zinc. Had I used all 10 rubrics from the case, I would have had a much more confusing palette of remedies to choose from. I then used Vega Rozenberg’s Heart box to see which remedies were useful in heart conditions. This eliminated all but Cimicifuga and Oleander. It was not hard for me to choose between the two. Cimicifuga carries the energy of a headless chicken running around. It is very useful for those who have been taking care of others and are burned out.

Without using any other rubrics, I was able to filter out all of the noise of her story and prescribe effectively. This requires knowing the essence of the remedies and the energy they carry. I have been lucky enough to have studied with Vega Rozenberg who, in my opinion, is one of the best homeopaths on the planet today. I find his essences invaluable and use them effectively on a daily basis in my work. He has given me permission to share his essences and methods with my students. This is part of the core teachings at Resonance School of Homeopathy.

The best way to get practice in this method is by doing cases. Gather all of the symptoms from the story. Translate them all to rubrics. Then step back and consider what the core of the case is in its simplest terms. What is really asking to be healed? Then go to your long list of rubrics and choose two that best describe the case. One about the temperament of the person and one about a physical symptom. Both need to be undeniable. This means that anyone who observes this person would agree. Then see what remedies appear and choose wisely based on the essence of the remedy.

By following this method, your cases will be much easier to repertize and your prescriptions will be more accurate. It will lead to greater confidence and a much better percentage of healing responses from your clients. Homeopathy does not have to be confusing or difficult. Like all truths, it should be simple.

Keep the conversation going! I would love to hear your questions and thoughts below!


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