Tips for Treating Family Members

philosophy Mar 26, 2020

One of the greatest challenges for homeopaths is to treat a family member or someone very close to them. It seems we have our greatest prejudices with those we are most familiar with.

When we know someone very intimately, it seems that because we know them better than others it would be easier for us as homeopaths to treat them. This is quite contrary to what really happens. Our familiarity can create a prejudice that is very hard to overcome. Treating family can be a real exercise in letting go of our preconceived ideas. It is not always easy though.

Knowing someone so intimately is like wearing colored glasses that we did not know we had on. Everything about the person seems familiar. We may have come to accept them just as they are. The little gestures or ways of thinking become second nature for us but can be challenging to see when we put our homeopaths' hat on.

We must be very diligent and fine-tune our awareness when treating family members. We must consciously take off our colored glasses to see them accurately. We must see them as naked and new, as if we have never seen them before. It can be difficult at first. If we are attached to our “vision” of them, then seeing them differently can sometimes upset our view. We may see things that we do not like or have never seen before which can be disappointing. At this time, it is our greatest opportunity to grow without prejudice as we discover new things about our loved ones.

When we are able to see loved ones as new, accepting them as they are, and with a conscious intent to hold love, we can grow in ways never imagined. If we are unsuccessful in this, treating family members can then be very challenging.

If it is possible, have a very competent homeopath treat your family members. If it is not possible, then be very conscious of the challenges that you have and keep these tips in mind:

  • Be open. Carry the intent to see clearly and accurately.
  • Ask for help. Remember that you are wearing the colored glasses that you cannot see. When you consciously take them off, be prepared to see the person in an entirely new way.
  • Listen to their story as if you do not know them. Hear the words that they speak and take good notes.
  • Try not to infer too much into the story about what you "know" about them. Let the case unfold before you as a case you have never seen before.
  • Try to let go of all assumptions.

And always remember to hold love in your hear. When you do, you may very well be successful in finding the similimum remedy that can help them heal like no other.


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