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Uncategorized Nov 04, 2019

Our best tool for homeopathy is the Repertory. It is a tool that no homeopath could really do without. This is a system of classification of symptoms that are indexed and organized in sub-categories. All areas of the body, the mind and generalities and sensations including vertigo, cough, expectoration, perspiration etc. are organized by chapter to identify the rubric and the remedies that have been proved to be useful for that symptom.

 The pioneers in homeopathy created this system for their use and also passed these repertories on. Some of the famous repertories that are still very valuable and useful have been written by Kent, Boger, Bönninghausen, Boericke, Jahr. Today we have modern compilations of these repertories and newer additions by many modern authors. The Synthetic Repertory, The Complete Repertory, Murphy’s Medical Repertory and Synthesis, to name a few. 

The organization of any repertory is really a working tool of the authors mind and observations. Some repertories were written that focused on sensation. Others focused on as many perceivable symptoms that could be included. Others yet had a more medical bias to the rubrics. But each has a valuable place in our homeopathic tool kit.

 Using the repertory is one of the most critical parts of the homeopathic process. Correct selection of rubrics is essential. The repertorization of any case is only as good as the rubrics selected. Using a repertory that provides an adequate number of rubrics and remedies will help every homeopath. But the repertorization will be only as useful as the homeopaths choice of rubrics and his analysis.

 Even after using the best of repertories and the best choice of rubrics the homeopaths challenge still exists to select the correct remedy. This is where having knowledge of Materia Medica is so important. Never will the repertory select the remedy for the homeopath. It must always be selected by matching the essence of what it asking to be healed in the case with a remedy that carries a similar energy. The repertory is only the guide, but an essential one.

 In past newsletters I have given credits to The Complete Repertory for rubrics I have used that could be useful in particular conditions. Roger van Zandvoort is the author of the Complete Repertory and has done a supreme job in creating a modern repertory. He has used the additions of many authors from the old masters to those of the latest provings. This repertory is true to its name; complete. Some of the ways he has improved upon older repertories is by clarifying a system for remedy grading, identifying the authors, offering a bibliography of the authors so we know when the rubrics and remedies were added, and cross referencing rubrics.

 Being able to cross-reference rubrics is so very useful. This gives us the information to select rubrics that really fit the case rather than being stuck with a rubric that is similar but not exact. This feature is, in my opinion, as useful as having the latest additions from modern authors is.

 Roger van Zandvoort and his colleague Edwin van Grinsven have made his repertory available to everyone through their website You can use this repertory for free, although a donation is something all users should contribute. This repertory is active, alive and constantly being upgraded. Paying something is good karma for such a valuable tool available for homeopaths. Donation is available on the website.

 You can also read more about this project and the CompleteRepertory by visiting Roger’s personal website at

 A tool is only as good as the person using it. Study the Repertory and Materia Medica. But above all else, continue to purify your life. Get clear in yourself so you can be the most unprejudiced observer. Only if you are able to perceive the case,  selecting appropriate rubrics that reflect the case accurately, could you ever come to a list of remedies that may be useful. After this, continued study of Materia Medica is essential to select the very best remedy. We have the tools, now it is up to you.


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