The New Year

Uncategorized Nov 04, 2019

With Christmas just passed and the New Year beginning in a few days it is a good time to really review the last year and set our intention for the New Year. Having just started winter and shorter days again last week with a total lunar eclipse, it is an especially potent time to really take stock of our lives and get very clear about where we are wanting to go in our future.

Our job as homeopaths require us to be clear, unprejudiced observers. This is a constant call for our spiritual purification and evolution. For us to be all we can be as a homeopath, we need to be all we can be as a  person as well. There is really no separation between these roles. How we show up in life equals how we show up as a homeopath. Homeopathy being spiritual medicine requires that we are doing our spiritual work.

Now is a perfect time to look back upon the last year of your life and review your accomplishments and your failures. Try to be as unprejudiced about yourself as you are about others. Most often we are our own worst enemy and the judgments we carry about ourselves get projected in to our world.

We can also blind to some our shortcomings and it is always a good idea to practice being the same unprejudiced observer with ourselves as we find aspects of ourselves that need some work. Be kind and gentle with yourself; but firm and honest.

The New Year being just a few days away, and having it start with a total eclipse of the moon on the solstice last week, really gives us much support as we set our intention for next 12 months. After a review of the last year now set your sights to the fulfillment of your dreams and aspirations. If there were any aspects of the last year that you wished you had responded better to, make a commitment to yourself that you will do better in the next year. Now is always a good time for change.

After reviewing the last year I am very happy to say that there are now over 3,000 subscribers to this newsletter. The fact that I write about homeopathy with a focus on being the homeopath, it addresses a pretty small niche in the bigger scheme of things. But to me having over 3,000 readers means that there at least this many people who are either wanting to be homeopaths or are practicing. My hope is that this number will continue to grow reflecting the growth of homeopathy worldwide.

So to bring 2010 to a close, my prayer is that all of you continue to do G-d's work, taking your spiritual practices to a higher level. This will be reflected in how you are able to help others. Someday there will be far less suffering in the world if this is our intent. Be happy, healthy and prosperous in the new year.

With much love and many blessings,



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