The Importance of Community

philosophy Nov 10, 2020

Every profession has groups that share with other professionals in their field. Thankfully, homeopathy does too. But I find that with as many subscribers as we have to this newsletter, few people actually leave a comment at the end. This surprises me. I know that the content and subject matter is chosen for you, but there are many ideas that could be shared. They are all welcome.

I very much appreciate the comments of thanks and gratitude that many of you leave. But I appreciate even more those of you who contribute to the dialogue and discussion. This newsletter is a forum of Resonance School of Homeopathy and is for the purpose of sharing information and creating community.

Homeopathy has a very long history of sharing. The early Repertories and Materia Medicas were not developed in a vacuum. There were study groups and society meetings that shared with each other. The speed with which this took was very slow compared to today’s ultra-fast internet. Not only was information shared about remedies and philosophy but also about where the profession was going. There was an equal amount of political attack on homeopathy during Hahnemann’s time and later in the 1920's as there is now.

Hahnemann persevered, had a few followers, and survived through his determination and conviction of his medical art. Today, we have a medical profession that may slowly be waking up to energetic medicine, but the political power of the drug companies is so strong, they have influenced the direction of modern medicine. Medical schools now teach drug-based medicine and research rarely goes to energetic medicine. Homeopathy becomes easily debunked based on the materialistic view. Without the support of medical insurance, many people simply can not afford to pay for their treatments so Homeopathy is not encouraged.

When political attacks occur against homeopathy, it is necessary to have a response. Many are based on outright lies and misinformation. As a profession, we need to stay together. There is great power in numbers but our numbers are still small compared to western medicine. Truth speaks loudly and if we can continue to share with each other and the world we can continue to make a difference.

Each of us has something to share and learn. It is an innate quality of humans to form opinions and ideas when we are exposed to information. As homeopaths, we are expected to be unprejudiced. This gives us an open door to share our ideas and ask questions. The little tidbits of information we learn along the way can sometimes be just what someone is needing to hear. The universe does work in mysterious ways.

So please take a minute to leave a comment when you read the newsletter. This is an opportunity to share and create community. We need to stay together. We may not always agree; this is okay. But for our profession to survive and flourish, we need to continue creating community.

Homeopathy is worth the energy we give it. As J.T. Kent said, "If you love homeopathy, it will love you. Such is natural charity."


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