Synchronicity in Homeopathy

philosophy prescribing Aug 23, 2022

Many times in a person's story they will speak about events in their life that seem to defy all odds of occurrence. When this happens we usually say that there was some synchronicity. That two currents of life flowed together to form a larger and succinctly timed event. If the event has a negative connotation we usually say it was an accident. But if the event has a more positive or serendipitous quality, then we say it was an event of synchronicity.

      These events happen more often than we may think. Many times they occur with such common and everyday matters they may go unnoticed. If we were more aware of our everyday thoughts and actions we may very well see how the universe is supporting us perfectly all of the time.  Often after taking homeopathic remedies and experiencing a healing response, we become more aware of our life and thoughts and will make more connections in our daily lives. For someone who has not experienced this before it will be very remarkable. They will tell you all about the most marvelous coincidences that are happening to them. This is one way I know a remedy is helping in the deepest way.

     When we heal we are more in the flow of our life and the universe's energy. There will be less resistance and life gets a little easier. When our energy is more open we will recognize the most incredible coincidences and be in synch with everything around us. Pay attention to your client's story and watch for how synchronicity plays a part in their healing.

      Also, watch your own life and how you are progressing as a homeopath. You will find the same principles working for you in your case-taking. Just when you have a thought, something the person says will confirm it. This is synchronicity at its best. One might say that this is clairvoyance or intuition. I prefer to just simply let the universe unfold before me as a witness to the process of being a homeopath. When there is no attachment to their story or having to find a remedy, you can be free to observe the marvel of the moment as it unfolds. There is more synchronicity happening than we are ever aware of. The more we heal, the easier it is to recognize.


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