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Susceptibility is the whole reason why homeopathy works. With out susceptibility there would be no ability of the vital force to recognize the homeopathic remedy energy. Let's explore the roots of susceptibility.

When studying the subject of our existence there comes a time when the real question boils down to why. Why are we here? Why do we have this life to live? Why do our lives turn out the way they are? Why do we suffer? The answer to these questions will lead us back to susceptibility and the spiritual nature of our being.

I have contemplated these questions much in my life and have formulated an opinion. I will share this opinion with you, but by no means is my opinion the definitive word on these subjects. If this essay inspires you to your own investigation, great. If it resonates with you, great. If you disagree, great. I have no agenda here other than to answer the question about susceptibility in the only way I know how. It all links back to spirituality.

We come here with an agenda or goal to spiritually evolve. We are more than just physical beings. In fact the physical being is here because of our spiritual self. This spiritual self is immutable. It it primary to the physical and cleaves to this physical body as a vehicle for our spiritual evolution. If there were no desire to spiritually evolve, there would be no need to come to this earthly, time-space reality and do a human life. But because there is great yearning in the spirit world to evolve, coming here provides a very good opportunity.

Consider the fact that we have consciousness and apparent free will. We are co-creators with G-d. We are at the end point of G-d's creation. This gives us the feeling that our choice matters. In fact it does, because this choice is what satisfies our yearning to grow. Every choice will have a consequence. Every thought will have a consequence. We do not always see consequences manifest quickly, but in a greater time frame, these thoughts are creating our existence.  So how we interact and process the events that take palace in our life, creates our life experience.

As we come to this life with a desire to grow spiritually we have already set the stage for the conditions that will be optimum for our spiritual growth. I do not believe that this is random. I believe that this comes with a choice that is made before our arrival in this material world. From an infinite number of possibilities the perfect scenario for our life is presented. Now it is our responsibility to show up and continue to use this life as an opportunity for our spiritual growth.

The conditions that come our way are perfect. If one believes in a divine order in the universe and G-d, then all is perfect no matter what our egocentric view of the world and our judgements may lead us to believe.  It is through this perfection that circumstances occur that ask us to us to respond in new ways. Each time we respond we have an instant feedback system of emotions that tell us we are making a good choice or not so good choice. We will feel this. This is a perfect setup to have a conscious experience of our lives. With this in mind,  all of our experiences and genetically coded imprints combined, leads us to have a certain vulnerability. This brings many opportunities to respond. Without these vulnerabilities or susceptibilities there would be nothing to heal. There could be no restoration. There would be no reason for the earthy time-space experience at all.

These susceptibilities cling to us as di-ease. If these were our truths they would stay forever and there would be no possibility to heal. But because they are an energy that clings to us, we have the possibility to cast them away as our return to a freer flowing spiritual truth comes forth. As we learn our lessons in life and heal, we close this door to our susceptibilities. No longer can the dis-ease energy cling to us.

It is through this open door of susceptibility that the dis-ease clings and the homeopathic remedy energy can be perceived. Remember that homeopathy is the reason to give the remedy, not the remedy itself. Homeo means similar and pathy means suffering. When we have a particular manifestation of suffering that serves us to bring forth an opportunity to spiritually evolve and heal, if given a similar homeopathic remedy energy, our being will recognize it. It is only through this recognition and the principle of resonance that the vital force could respond.

 So our suffering brings us a possibility to heal spiritually only because of the susceptibility we carry. Susceptibility is everything. If  the wrong remedy were given, the ability of the vital force to recognize the remedy and respond would be very slim. Because of susceptibility, when the true homeopathic remedy energy and the dis-ease energy meet, there is a resonance. This resonance inspires the vital force to respond and healing energy is the result. Healing is mearly a restoration of our greater spiritual truth; a return or restoration of our spiritual reflection of   G-d.

Our whole existence is spiritual. Our ability to have dis-ease is spiritual. Our ability to heal is spiritual. The vital force is spiritual. When we heal it all happens in an unseen, energetic way until it can be noticed by the results only. It is the spiritual vital force that is primary. This is where all dis-ease occurs. All dis-ease is spiritual and only through our susceptibility and a desire to evolve spiritually does this susceptibility occur. It really is a magical system that works so well to give us every opportunity to use this life for healing and spiritual evolution. This is why susceptibility exists. And this is why homeopathy works.


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