Remedies for Cold Weather Exposure

remedies Dec 08, 2020

Winter is here, along with the arrival of cold weather in the Northern Hemisphere. And with all of the cold weather, it is imperative to protect yourself during this time of year. If a person does not have adequate shelter, they could die of exposure. If they were lucky, they may only suffer from hypothermia, a severe loss of body heat. This can occur after prolonged exposure in water that is cooler than the body temperature or exposure to cold air.

When hypothermia sets in, there is a general confusion in thinking. At first, it seems that ordinary tasks take longer and coordination begins to be compromised. If a person does not get warm soon, more severe confusion begins and decision making will be next to impossible. At this stage, the mind will not serve us very well. After the uncontrollable shaking subsides, the person will often feel very warm and want to take off any protective clothing. At this point, death is eminent unless help arrives soon.

Many people do survive extreme exposure though and homeopathy is often the best source for inspiring their recovery. Aconite is the first remedy to think of in the emergency case of hypothermia. Often the person will be in shock and Aconite may prevent death.

Another remedy that may be very useful is Agaricus. Agaricus is the very best remedy for frostbite. When the skin has frozen and nerve and tissue damage has occurred, the pains can be severe when the body returns to normal temperature. The pains are usually felt as if being pierced by a thousand needles. Agaricus is most indicated and can help the body regenerate tissue damaged by the cold.

If the person exposed to cold has survived their ordeal but is in a state of complete exhaustion, Carbo Vegetablis should be considered. When their body temperature has returned to normal, they may feel a sensation of suffocation and want air. This would be the leading indicator for Carbo Vegetablis.

Heloderma may also be helpful in milder cases where the person exposed just cannot seem to get warm. The sensations are of an Arctic coldness, a cold to the bone, from within outward. The sensation of Heloderma has been described as being the coldest remedy in our Materia Medica.

Reserpinium is an alkaloid of Rauwolfia Serpentina and may also be a remedy that can help in severe hypothermia. There is a slowing of the mind and muscular hypotonia. This can be a total lack of movement. There is a feeling as if the nerves are at the skin level. This describes the picture of hypothermia and frostbite and could be most useful. I would think these remedies would be very useful on mountain climbing expeditions along with Coca for high altitude hypoxia.

Other remedies that may be useful for exposure to the glare of the sun off of snow are Apis Mellifica, Cicuta Virosa, and Kali Muriaticum. All of these remedies are very good for snow blindness.

So if you live in a cold snowy location or visit these places for recreation, having these remedies on hand could save a life. Each year many people die of exposure and often the only help a person can get is to be warmed up. This process can be very painful. Even with hospitalization and surgery for dead tissue, there is nothing like homeopathy to help a person heal from exposure to the cold.

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