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Uncategorized Nov 04, 2019

There is no substitute for thoroughness in homeopathy. But it does not need to take days to prescribe the correct remedy. In fact,  I have found that the longer one mulls over the possibilities of understanding the case and remedies, the farther they get from the real energy of the case. When the case is understood well it forms the foundation for everything that follows. This is a process that does not need to take a long time.

The first step in quick prescribing is to get out of ones own way. Let go and allow. Ask for help from higher powers and be ready to see everything. When opening up this awareness and aligning oneself with a focused intent, many things will happen and be seen that otherwise would be unnoticed. Doing this simple exercise will do more to become the prejudiced observer that is necessary to "see the case".

The next step is to align our head with our heart. This allows us to balance what we think with what we feel. It is not enough to form ideas about a case but to feel the case as well. Sometimes a story from the client will induce many thoughts and ideas as it unfolds, but if we are not feeling the case as well, we may miss the most important parts. I find that most of my students struggle with this part of case-receiving the most. Sometimes they will miss something about the case that is right there in front of them because they are "thinking" about the case too much. I try not to think at all during the case testimony. I just allow and let it flow. When thoughts about the case or the remedy arise, I let them go so I can remain open. Eventually they will arise again in the right time for me to work with later.

Find the pattern or thread of the case is the next hurdle in quick prescribing. I remember a conference I attended that Vega Rozenberg hosted in 1994. He had Jeremy Sherr, Misha Noland and Louis Klein as guests for 6 days of teaching. Vega taught using live cases. At the end of the seminar many kudos to Vega were given by these other fine, world class teachers. The biggest kudo came when they all stood together and commented on Vega's ability to see the case. They described it as watching a movie and being able to pull the scenes from the movie that were essential to the whole story. In essence these scenes told the whole story but could be shown in a very abbreviated time. This ability allows one to "see the case" in a very quick manner. It then becomes much easier to select the right rubrics that represent the energy of the case.

There is no substitute for opening the books and getting really familiar with them. Study in homeopathy is necessary to become an accurate and quick prescriber. Having knowledge of the mind section of the repertory will make the job of selecting accurate rubrics much easier. If we do not know how to translate the symptom to a rubric then we will be lost in prescribing. Selecting the most accurate rubrics is essential.

Having knowledge of Materia Medica is also essential. It really helps to be able to distill the energy of a remedy from the Materia Medica text. Having the essence or energy of the remedies in one's mind will make the process of selecting the best remedy much easier. Again Materia Medica study is absolutely necessary in becoming a good and quick prescriber.

There is nothing better than experience though, to gain this knowledge. Seeing many cases and learning remedies from real experience is the best way to "hook the energy" of the remedy to an actual experience. Once this happens we usually never forget. This is why I teach using live cases at Resonance School of Homeopathy. It is difficult to get this from a two dimensional grouping of words on a page that we can only form a picture of in our minds. But by reading Materia Medica text, we get familiar with the remedies and when it comes time to investigate a remedy for a case, we will gather the information much quicker; it will already be familiar.

These directions for quick and accurate prescribing are not new. But they must be practiced. I find that seeing many cases with a limited time frame to "work" on them will help learn them the quickest. I find that accurate prescribing should not be "work". It should be an integrated process of the homeopath and come with ease. Spending too much time on a case only leads to confusion. We will mentally go over every aspect in our minds and this eventually leads to transcendental speculations. This nearly always occurs when we "work" on the case for days after the client leaves. The energy of the person is not there anymore and we will then be working from a flat piece of paper notes and our prejudices.

Develop the art of letting go. Allow the case to come to you without any agenda. Ask for help. Align your head and your heart. Study the mind section of the repertory especially. Study Materia Medica. See as many cases as you can. Do this with a good teacher or mentor and do it within a limited time frame. This will encourage you to speed up your process and with proper direction will develop into the way homeopathy is done by you. It will become your way of prescribing. It need not take a long time to come to the correct remedy. You will be a better prescriber as well.


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