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philosophy prescribing Mar 07, 2022

Homeopathy, based on the "Law of Similars", makes the selection of the remedy one of the most difficult tasks for homeopaths. But the question of potency is also one of the big hurdles for homeopaths as well. What are the rules for potency selection? How do we decide what potency to select? There are probably as many opinions as there are homeopaths, but I want to share with you my thoughts. Please include your own below.

Hahnemann explains potency in Aphorism 29 of the Organon.  " ....so in every homeopathic cure this principle of life dynamically altered by natural disease is seized through the administration of a medicinal potency selected exactly according to symptom-similarity by a somewhat stronger, similar artificial disease-manifestation."

What Hahnemann is saying is that the properly selected homeopathic remedy must be given in a potency that is slightly stronger than the dis-ease expression of the vital force. How do we determine what potency is best for any given expression of dis-ease? It is first most important to understand how strong that vital force expression is. I have found that the more acute the expression, the higher the potency needed to inspire the vital force into a healing response. There comes a time when the vital force is almost extinguished when death is approaching that the highest of potencies may be the most applicable. When the nature of the dis-ease expression is of a chronic nature, a lower potency will be all that is necessary to invite the healing response.

Let's use some examples to understand the rules. I have found that when a person gives their case and is relatively healthy but suffering from a chronic physical condition, a daily dose of 6C potency will slowly and gently inspire healing over an extended period of time. This is just slightly higher than their dis-ease expression. When there is more mental/emotional suffering, a slightly higher potency of 9C is many times more effective given daily or a one-time dose of 200C and wait. Many times the choice for daily dose versus one-time higher potency dosing is made based on the obstacles to cure present in their life and how supportive their living environment is.

When there is an accident, trauma or an acute expression of dis-ease, the vital force is in a fairly strong expression and a higher potency is necessary. The 30C, 200C and 1M potencies work best. The frequency of repetition of the dose depends on how long the response lasts. If there is a noticeable response but lasts only a few minutes then a repetition is needed and possibly a higher potency. It is good to start with the 30C potency and move up when the response does not last very long. In very life threatening emergencies higher potencies yet are required. In apparent death sometimes a dose of Opium CM will bring a person back.

The more remedies I give the more the "feeling" for potency selection becomes. The above rules always apply but many times the potency that is available is the best potency to give. After all, if you have the right remedy but the potency is not perfect, give the remedy anyway if that is all you have. Many times in an emergency every bit of help you can render may help the healing process which could keep a difficult situation from become very serious.  As always in an emergency, the very first thing to do is ask for help and call for an ambulance.

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