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philosophy Dec 03, 2020

It is always good to be reminded of the truth in homeopathy. Many masters have given us real pearls of wisdom and truth. Hold these close and you will have many more successful cases. We can learn much from the old and new masters. Here are a few of my favorite quotes of theirs.

"The simillimum (curative remedy) releases reactive power strong enough to re-establish harmony which in turn is capable of sweeping away almost any morbid condition."

- C.M. Boger

"Repeat the dose until an effect is produced better or worse, then stop."

- Erastus Case

"A profane man can have no more idea of the sentiments of a gentle, highly religious woman, than can a lobster."

- J.T. Kent

"In bad hearts, high potency may give a bad reaction, it may be necessary to use the tincture."

- Grimmer

"We have no long-acting drugs; the action is immediate, continued favorable condition depends on the quality of the vital force and its harmonious action."

- H.A. Roberts

"If the symptoms for which a remedy is given are removed and a new symptom appears, withhold the hand if you wish the case to go on to recovery."

- Lippe

"Susceptibility exists in the vital force, not in the tissues."

- J.T. Kent

"Ultimately, the constitutional peculiarity is bound to reveal itself in a form pointing to its remedial counterpart. Nature calls for relief in her own language which it behooves us to learn properly. It is contained in the symptom picture but many times we are forced to look for it elsewhere."

- C.M. Boge

"On uterine Contractions and Pulsatilla – It will often cause in five minutes a very strong contraction of the uterus, sometimes almost in a painless way."

- J.T. Kent

"Never leave a remedy until you have tested it in a higher potency if it has benefited the patient."

- J.T. Kent

"Do not dip into a chronic state when dealing with an acute condition, and vise versa."

- H.A. Roberts

"Why prescribe for a part of the patient when you have the whole patient with you? The patient was sick before the glands were."

- Hayes

"Some have been confused by primary and secondary effects of medicine. You need not worry over this. You only need to know that certain symptoms follow each other. Primary and secondary action reverse themselves in different individuals."

- J.T. Kent

"The constitutional remedy is found by a series of symptoms absolutely new to that patient."

- C.T. Boger

"There is no better evidence of the good action of remedy than mental improvement."

- J.T. Kent

"Keep a symptom, don’t follow a remedy."

- H.A. Roberts

"In a cure, the discharge may not come back at the original place but from some other mucous membrane."

- G. Miller

"The bond between two miasms can be broken only by a prescription that will meet the totality of the most active one."

-J.H. Allen

"All maladies which show skin eruptions are always present internally before showing local symptoms externally."

- S. Hahnemann 

"Don’t leave your inter-current remedy too soon, it may be the curative remedy."

- F.E. Gladwin

"Look for the picture of the chronic following recovery from an acute condition."

- H.A. Roberts

"If we could accept opinion, we should have to go back to Allopathy, because we find there only a record of man’s experiments; a mass of heterogeneous opinions."

- J.T. Kent

"Man must be studied as he is, as he was, everything of man and of the human race in general, in order to understand disease."

- J.T. Kent

"Minutes or hours in acute; days, weeks, or months in chronic diseases, never repeat while amelioration holds."

- M.L. Tyler

"The principle of Homeopathy is applicable to any range of potency."

- C.M. Boger

"Hahnemann’s central idea is fundamental that the further an outstanding symptom seems removed from the ordinary course of disease, the greater is that symptoms value in determining the remedy."

- C.M. Boger

"If you love homeopathy, it will love you. Such is natural charity."

- J.T. Kent

"It is impossible to learn homeopathy except from a master."

- G. Miller

"The homeopathic principles, when known, are plain, simple, and easily comprehended. They are in harmony with all things known to be true."

- J.T. Kent

"When you make failures you may be sure that they are within yourself. If you think the failure is in homeopathy you will begin your corrections on the wrong side of the ledger."

- J.T. Kent


Which of these stand out to you? Do you have a personal favorite not included in this list? Please share below!


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