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Uncategorized Nov 04, 2019

When Hahnemann started to experiment with dilutions and potency he used the 10X dilution (1 to 10 dilution) in creating the potency. He found that his medicines were equally as powerful if diluted to the one to one hundred dilution ratio or C potencies. After having sensitive clients who would have severe aggravations he was perplexed as to how to help them. In the final edition of the Organon he described the LM potencies. These have been diluted to the 3C potency and then after this to the one to 50,000 dilution. With all of his potencies he did succussions after each step of dilution. He described the LM potencies as very strong, yet gentle. This has been my experience also.

I rarely prescribe the X potencies except in cases of very gross pathology. These are cases of infection or acute inflammations. I find them to work well at this acute level.

I prescribe the C potencies in the low range (6C,9C and 12C) on a daily basis in starting most chronic cases. I will prescribe the higher potencies in single doses when there are no obstacles to cure and the person has lots of support in their healing. These cases can be relatively easy to manage when there is not a lot pulling them away from the healing response. If they do not have support for their healing I will usually go with a lower C potency and the daily dose. This person needs the reminder of a daily dose to maintain the healing response. They will get more support this way.

Now, when I find a person is very sensitive by nature or has very acute responses to the C potency remedy, I will then prescribe the LM potencies. I am very grateful for the LM potencies because there are times that almost any remedy a person takes can lead to extreme responses and aggravation. When this happens the LM potencies taken daily in water are the most beneficial potencies for the person. They are much easier to manage.

I will have the person place one pellet in a small glass of purified water and take a sip. If this still proves to be too much I will have them take one teaspoon of the dilution and mix it into a second glass of water. If this is still too much I have them continue in similar steps until there is a response that is tolerated. I have had some very sensitive clients who needed to do serial dilutions up to nine times before they felt that the response to the remedy was tolerable. These are very rare clients, but this is the beauty of the LM potencies.

Serial dilutions in water can be done in any of the potencies, X or C also. I find that simply putting the remedy in water or having them sniff it for a short while will help in most clients. But for some of these clients who simply feel every little nuance the LM potencies are invaluable.

When it comes to the difference in the potencies, it is good to understand them in an equivalent metaphor. If the X potencies are the width of a pencil lead, then the C potencies are the width of a broom handle and the LM potencies are the width of a beach 3/4 mile wide. You can see that the response will be different to each of these.

If I were to get your attention and poke you with the pencil you would probably swat me pretty quickly as it could hurt and be quite annoying. Now if I were to poke you with a broom handle it would still hurt but be a bit blunter and not quite as aggravating. But if a person was very sensitive and aggravated with every dose then giving the LM potencies are the best option. It becomes like standing on the beach and the tide rises or the breeze blows and the response is much more gentle.

All persons are different and perceive the remedies in their own unique way. It is good we have so many options in the administration of the remedies. We can have our clients take them sublingually, in water, sniff them,  hold them or have them wait to repeat and stop the remedy altogether. In addition to altering the frequency of repetition of the dose we can change potency scales (X, C and LM) as well as the potencies themselves.

I find the LM potencies are Hahnemann's last gift because he saw the need for a more powerful remedy that was gentler. By describing the LM potencies and working with them in is later years he also found them to be the most useful with sensitive clients. I too find this in my experience and roughly 10-15% of my clients will need LM potencies.

So the next time you find your client complaining of the remedy and the severe response they are having, listen to them and respond appropriately. Give them the LM potency in water. They will be happier and have a better response to the remedy. They will like you for this.


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