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Uncategorized Nov 04, 2019

What I am about to share is most likely old news for many health conscious readers. But by sharing some facts about our North American food sources we can be more empowered to make changes in our diets. After all, we are what we eat.

Homeopaths have a unique responsibility to their clients and far more influence than we imagine. Often we have lofty ideas that once the energy of the dis-ease has shifted in response to a remedy then we can see our client return to vibrant health. But we must be aware of the obstacles to cure that persist in our environment. One of the greatest obstacles is diet and the available sources  for good nutrition.

The fact of the matter is that our healthy food choices have diminished severely in the last 10 years and particularly so in the last two. Aside from the effects of depleted minerals in our soil from modern agricultural practices over the years and the overuse of pesticides and herbicides,  we now have the effects of GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) in approximately 85% of all agricultural products now. These products like corn, soy and sugars are in nearly all preprocessed foods. It used to be that one could safely shop in most grocery store in the outer isles, mainly produce, dairy and meat. But now most of all produce has been genetically modified and there is no labeling required. Now it is more important than ever to purchase organic produce.

With organic produce there is the assurance of having been grown without fertilizers or pesticides. Also the seed stock must be from either heirloom or hybrid species. These have not been altered by the genes of other organisms. Therefore you can be assured that you are not getting a vegetable that produces its own pesticide or other effect the mad scientists have dreamed up to supposedly make the vegetable or fruit "better for you".

There has been an utter epidemic of clients in all age groups in the last several years who are coming with food allergies. Suddenly they have become gluten and lactose intolerant. The effects have been everything from gastrointestinal effects, bloating, cramping, diarrhea, constipation, to brain fog, irritability, and fatigue. it used to be that when our body rejected a substance we would have a normal allergic reaction of hives or vomiting. Now the effects are not so easily thrown off because of the deeper effects of these allergens and a weakened immune response in the body. I am convinced that it is mostly related to "frankenfoods" that we are eating.

When we circle the store and stop in the dairy section, there is literally nothing that is safe to consume there. Since the nuclear accident at Fukushima, Japan clouds of radioactive fallout have come to America. Soon after the accident there was a huge spike in radioactive contamination in milk found in the USA. Then for some unknown reason testing was stopped on a routine basis. Now no one knows for sure what is in our milk or dairy products. There were reports of as high as two hundred times the allowable levels of radiation in the milk. Because we are bioaccumulators, like the cows who ate the contaminated feed, the concentrations build up in us even faster. Even organic milk that is free from hormones and antibiotics is still unsafe because of radiation.

And finally we get to the meat section of the store and unless the meat is organic, it is most likely not very healthy for you. Most meat sold in stores and to restaurants is meat that has been raised in modern CAFO operations. This stands for Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations. This method of raising animals for consumption is one that leaves very little to the natural life cycle of the animal. They are force fed a diet that is often very contaminated. Now that radiation has appeared in milk it is very likely it is in the flesh as well. But again no testing is done here. In the CAFO animal the diet is filled with antibiotics and steroids to create a faster growing animal and combat disease that run rampant is such a highly concentrated feeding environment. Often these animals will rarely be allowed to pasture. Again we are what we eat and the animal you consume is no different.

Fish in the Pacific ocean have now been contaminated by radiation from Fukushima. There is no testing being done on fish either. Fish and all sea products, seaweed etc are suspect. There will be many articles written about safe levels of radiation in foods. Some will quote that bananas are more radioactive that any other food and yet we eat them all the time without harm. The difference in the argument about food safety is the effects of ionizing radiation like that received from the sun or an x-ray, and the effects of ingesting a micro-particle of a highly radioactive substance. The effects of a micro-particle at a distance of just several inches away from the body are miniscule. The lasting effects of that same particle ingested and lodged in the tissues of a person is entirely different. The immediate effects are not very noticeable. The body has a great ability to withstand the genetic alteration of a few cells effected by the radiation. But like other animals, we are bio-accumulators and over time a steady diet of foods containing radioactive particles and in a relatively short time of 5 to ten years we will be seeing a lot more cancers.

All of this information will make many people scream that I am being an alarmist, over-reacting to, or sensationalizing the changes happening in our world. One can ignore this at ones own peril. Sometimes ignorance is bliss. The normalcy bias can definitely play a big part of our disposition to do something different. After all when we go to the store the food still looks the same. And when we eat it is still tastes the same, although I would love to purchase a fruit or vegetable like when I was young. Tomatoes used to be sweet and fruit would send you over the top with flavor.

The problem is that food can hurt you now. I am not sure of the solution to the problem other than becoming acutely aware of this and getting to know where you food comes from. Purchase organic if at all possible. Grow your own is even better. Reduce the amount of food that has been prepared or processed. Inspect all vegetables for noticeable defects. These include mid-line deformities or any other deformity that makes that fruit or vegetable different than the rest. It used to be that the worst thing about foods was chemical additives. Now there are other even bigger threats to the quality of the food we eat.

So homeopathy can really help a person heal but never forget that we are what we eat. It is only through education that we can become aware and then make a change. Search the internet. There are thousands of articles about all of this. Some will tell the story. Others will debunk this to the end of the earth. You get to choose. Do not count on our government or main stream media to protect you. None of this is being addressed. If you trust them as the source of your information then you are one of the lucky people who will need to make no adjustments to your life. But I myself have a greater responsibility to my clients to share with them in the interest of their health. I imagine if you are reading this you feel the same.

Use the links above to learn more. Also I would love to hear from all of you. There is a discussion that needs to happen about our food supply and the changes happening in the world today. Please share your thoughts below.


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