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Uncategorized Nov 04, 2019

Yesterday was Valentine's Day. This day is celebrated on February 14 of each year in commemoration of Saint Valentine. It is traditionally a day that love and affection is celebrated between intimate companions. As with all of the emotions tied up in lovers there is an equal possibility for pain and suffering to happen when love becomes disappointed.

There was a dark comedy movie released a few years ago called Valentines Day. The movie tracked several people and couples showing their triumphs and failures in love. In the end love prevailed, but the suffering of all of the individuals made for good drama. It was quite representative of the trials and tribulations most people go through to finally find love in their life.

There is probably not one person on this planet who has not experienced disappointment in love. Real love is an action and not a feeling; the ego mind so wants to believe all of the emotional feelings of the heart, that when disappointment comes, it is very painful. We can have an unhealthy experience of  love in exalted ways with over joy at the flood of good emotions. Or we can experience the heartache that disappointed love can bring. We may also fail at love by choosing a too romantic ideal about love or having a pattern of falling in love with unavailable persons.

All of these conditions of love can be helped with homeopathy. From the recurring patterns that affect a persons happiness and life to the acute suffering of heartbreak. Often when receiving a case I will see one of these patterns that will sometimes be the core of the case and have a major influence in selecting the appropriate homeopathic remedy. It is fortunate that people have a way to help them heal matters of love in their life. This is a condition that is most often left up to psychiatry. But real, lasting return to health can only be inspired through a well selected homeopathic remedy.

Here are a few rubrics that will help you when you find a case that's all about love. These rubrics and remedies are from the Complete 2009 Repertory;

  • Mind; LOVE; Disappointment, unhappy, ailments from, agg. (74) : 3Acon., alf., am-c., ana-i., androc., ant-c., apis, 4AUR., 4AUR-M-N., 3Aur-s., bar-c., bar-p., 3Bell., 3Bufo, 3Cact., 3Calc-p., carc., 3Caust., 3Cimic., cinis-p., 3Coff., com., 3Con., culx-p., cyg-c., cypra-e., dig., garden., gels., glon., 3Hell., hoch., 4HYOS., 4IGN., iod., kali-c., 3Kali-p., 3Lach., lat-h., lsd, 4NAT-M., nic-r., nux-m., 2nux-v., oci-s., onc-t., onos., orig., ozone, 4PH-AC., 3Phos., pitu-a., plut-n., psor., 3Puls., rhus-g., ros-b., ros-d., 3Sac-alb., salx-f., sep., seq-s., spect., 4STAPH., stram., succ., 3Sulph., taosc., tarent., tax-br., til., 3Tub., uran., 3Verat
  • Mind; LOVE; Exalted (16) : adam., aids, ant-c., 2bos-s., caras., clem., coriand., cyg-b., ephe., hydr-ac., hyos., lim-b-c., nic-r., onc-t., plut-n., ros-d.
  • Mind; LOVE; Falling in love easily (2) : ara-m., ign.
  • Mind; LOVE; Love-sick (11) : aids, 3Ant-c., cypra-e., germ., hydrog., lsd, 4ONC-T., pip-m., ros-d., succ., til.
  • Mind; LOVE; Romantic, desire for (7) : ant-c., carc., caul., clad-r., 3Germ., lsd, musca-d.
  • Mind; LOVE; Wrong person, with, out of social context (4) : aur-m-n., 2bos-s., ign., nat-m.

Two remedies that come up often are Ignatia and Natrum Muriaticum. These are two of the most useful in many cases about love. Persons needing these remedies can have a very romantic view of love which predisposes them to great heartache when disappointment comes. Here are some of the more prominent remedies and their indications;

  • Aconite - When the sudden, unexpected news of a break-off of a relationship send the person into shock. Great fear and anxiety. Anxious restlessness. Feels as if they are dying without their lover. Fright and anger.
  • Antimonium Crudum - Very idealistic and romantic in love. Easily disappointed. Great sadness and weeping. Does not want to be looked at or touched. Continuous state of enthusiastic love and ecstasy. Longing for the perfect person. Romantic and sentimental.
  • Aurum Metallicum - Very depressed and melancholic. Suicidal. Aurum people are the ones who succeed in suicide. Everything is black, life has no value anymore after the disappointment.Brooding. Suicidal from pain. Anxiety and remorse. Guilty feelings. Thinks he is a failure. Does not succeed.
  • Ignatia -  Grief from disappointed love. High ideals and expectations. Silent grief or hysterical grief. Involuntary sighing. Emotional outbursts that are quickly controlled.
  • Natrum Muriaticum -  Great vulnerability to being hurt emotionally. Fear of being rejected. Desire for solitude. Dwells on past disagreeable occurances.They will cling to the past trauma. Silent grief. Very responsible. Guilty feelings. Consolation aggravates.
  • Staphysagria -  Pride and honor. Too dignified to fight. Mortified by the pain of the experience. Very sensitive. Defensive. Often a history of abuse. Something sexual. Yielding, mild. Suppressed emotions.
  • Phosphoric Acid -  Ailments from sudden loss or grief. Disappointed love. Great indifference. Does not want to live anymore. withdrawal. Weakness and lack of reaction. Apathetic, it's no use. Poor memory. Affected by the rudeness of others.

This is by no means a complete list of remedies for the subject of love. You must investigate the persons story and understand acutely how they feel and how they are responding to their love issues. When there are mental and emotional issues that predominate in a case it is always good to have a few physical symptoms that are undeniable and hopefully strange, rare or peculiar to help guide you to the correct remedy.

As with all persons it is necessary to investigate any obstacles to cure that may impede a persons response to the remedy. Often the 30C or 200C potencies are good for acute cases. Give the remedy as needed and as few doses as possible. In more chronic cases where there could be disappointed love and the person is still in relationship with the other person , a daily dose may be necessary to give them the support to change their situation. In such cases often the 6C or 12C potency given daily will be best. It is necessary to have regular follow-ups to change potencies or remedies as the person heals.

Yes, it is true, that love heals all wounds, but with matters of the emotional heart, it can create a few wounds as well. Homeopathy offers the best help of all modalities in treating issues of love. Don't let anyone suffer the greatest of emotional pains when there is wonderful help here.


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