Inherited Project Purpose and Miasm

Uncategorized Nov 04, 2019

To understand the dilemma of destiny in the human condition one needs only to study the lives of our ancestors. Hahnemann recognised our inherited and acquired tendencies and wrote about this in Chronic Diseases. He described miasm as noxious influence. This is something that affects the vital force. It is spiritual and dynamic in it's influence. We only need to look to many different traditions to see this idea is not new.

The bible quotes in Lamentations 5:7, "Our fathers have sinned, and are not; and we have borne their iniquities."  This means that we have inherited the inequities of our fathers. The American Indians recognised that seven generations pass before their errors are corrected.

More recently the work of Marc Frechet, a brilliant French psychologist and researcher, is being recognised. He proposed that the entire time around a child's birth, from conception to birth and later until the child separates it's identity from the mother (around the age 27 months) form the project purpose of that child's life. Everything that the child experiences is recorded in the brain and cells of the body. The stresses that are present in the parent's life get transferred to the child's life. Even though the child may not have conscious memory of this later in life the programming is there. When a similar situation arises the child will respond from this unconscious memory and the physiology will change also in response.

In New German Medicine the work of Ryke Hamer and Claude Sabbah have further observed that previous ancestral conflicts will influence the current generation. This follows natural law that says every material phase is proceeded by an immaterial phase. There is a project or plan in it's immaterial phase and a purpose in it's material phase. So for every human being there is a reason that we have come to this life with our inherited project purpose. The desires, attitudes, and needs of the parents will be projected to the child and the child will live this out. History has shown numerous examples of this.

Hahnemann recognised that the ancestors ills plays a great part of why we will present illness in particular ways. He recognised the four major miasms of Psora, Sycosis, Syphilis and Tuberculosis. But the modern research of the New German Medicine goes straight to the story of the person. Not just the miasmatic influences of the known miasms and how they effect an individual are considered, but the project purpose of why the individual came to express illness and how that it is a perfect solution as it tries to resolve the conflicts of it's creators. Every individual has a purpose that corresponds to the project that was made for it by it's creator, the biological parents.

All our life we are serving a purpose that was set unconsciously by our parents. We can free ourselves of this by bringing this to awareness. The psychological conflicts of the parents become the biological conflicts of the child. Many illnesses that seem to have no "reason" make perfect sense when viewed through the mental/emotional conflicts of the parents.

When I receive a case I pay particular attention to the stories of childhood and the stories about the persons parents. The unresolved conflicts of the parents will play a part in the person's life and health. Often they repeat the same story as the parent. Homeopathy describes this as miasm but I believe that it is a fairly limited view of why we get sick the way we do. There is a bigger picture that can be perceived and if we are able to see it and understand it, the simillimum remedy can be given much easier.

You can learn more about these subjects by reading the Ancestor Syndrome by Anne Schutzenberger and Biogeneology, Decoding the Psychic Roots of Illness by Patrick Obbissier. These books give plenty of information and examples of this principle. I have found that this idea has become part of the missing link in understanding why we get sick the way we do. Every illness has meaning and having the understanding of project purpose in a persons life allows me to help them with homeopathy and finding the simillimum much easier.


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