How to Properly Handle Homeopathic Remedies

remedies Jul 16, 2020

Homeopathic remedies are potentized energetic solutions either administered through drops or medicated to milk sugar pellets. They must be handled appropriately for them to maintain their energy and effectiveness. If a remedy is stored properly, it can remain potent and effective for many decades.

Remedies are sensitive to strong sunlight and should be stored in a dark glass bottle out of direct sunlight. Under normal room lighting, they can remain unaffected. Try to avoid opening the bottle and taking remedies in direct sunlight. Always close the bottle tightly after use. Because the remedies are energetic, they need to be protected from other energetic sources.

Remedies should not be stored anywhere near strong electromagnetic fields, x-rays, or microwave radiations. These can affect a remedy through the bottle. Keep remedies at least one foot from all electrical cords or small appliances such as lights. Appliances such as microwave ovens should be avoided and the remedy stored at least 5 or more feet away. Music systems with speakers have magnets and should be avoided also. Never store a remedy on top of or near a speaker.  

Traveling with remedies has become more difficult in recent years. Airport security now x-rays everything a person brings with them except what is on the person themselves. Storing a remedy in your luggage or carry-on should be avoided when traveling. It is best to either insist on a hand inspection of the remedy or avoid the x-ray by carrying the remedy on your person. You will be asked to walk through a metal detector that has an electromagnetic field. It is a brief exposure to an electromagnetic field and not of very long duration. It will not affect the remedy potency.

Carrying your remedy for extended periods of time is not recommended. You will be getting the energy of the remedy constantly because it is in your energetic field. When traveling, only carry the remedy when in the terminal. Once in transit, it is best to store it in another bag so you are not constantly being exposed to the remedy.

Strong odors can effect remedy potency. All camphor, eucalyptus, tea tree, and other strong medicinal smells should be avoided. Chemical smell like turpentine or chlorinated products should also be avoided.

When handling remedies, never touch them. Always put the remedy pellet from the bottle into the cap and administer it into the mouth without touching it. The mouth should always be in its natural state when taking the remedy. If you can taste any flavors when taking the remedy, you should wait to put it into the mouth. Water is usually okay to drink before and rinse the mouth out. Allow the remedy to dissolve under the tongue and wait at least 15 minutes before putting anything else in the mouth. Avoid strong flavors such as mint for the next hour at least.  

Avoid storing the remedy in high heat. Any temperature above 140 degrees Fahrenheit will render the remedy useless. Storing the remedy in a dark purse, in the car on a sunny day, could easily produce these temperatures. This is probably the single most common error that effects remedy potency. If taking a remedy on a daily basis, store the remedy in a visible location near the bed. I have found that if the remedy is readily available, taking it first thing in the morning immediately after waking is the best and most convenient time to take the remedy. The mouth will be in its most natural state and the remedy can be used in a more sacramental way if joined with a morning meditation or waking ritual.

Following these simple guidelines can protect the effectiveness of your remedies. Homeopathic remedies are usually very inexpensive. Using remedies over the years as a person or practitioner can accumulate a large number of remedies. Overall, this can add up to quite an investment. Handling remedies correctly can safeguard this investment and keep your pharmacy potent and ready for use. One of the worst things to happen is giving a remedy expecting it to work and then having no response. Then you must figure out if it was the prescription or if it was the viability of the remedy. If your remedies are stored and handled properly, you will not have this problem.

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