How to Find Out What Is Asking to Be Healed

philosophy Jan 19, 2021

One of the key elements to successful Homeopathic prescribing is knowing what’s asking to be healed. Without this, we do not have a case. When your client is giving their case, it is not always so easy to decipher between the presenting symptoms and the root cause of them. But unless you can perceive the general energy of the case, you will not be so successful in finding the correct remedy.

The key to finding the core energy of the case is having a clear mind, without prejudice. Only when we are able to allow everything that we are experiencing with the case to come up and then let go can the distilled, single idea, ever come forth. There are far too many details and symptoms to ever perceive the general single idea about the case if we are caught up in them.

These details are important in repertization and finding the remedy, but they are not nearly as important in knowing what is asking to be healed. When I am teaching with cases I always ask the students, “Do we have a case?” Until we know for sure what is asking to be healed there is no point in looking for a remedy.

This is frustrating for most students because they have been gathering symptoms the whole time that the case is being delivered and want to use this information. It takes great control to let this information just be until the single idea about the case is found. But if you run off with remedies before this time of knowing, all remedies will be chosen with prejudice. It is only when we have a clear mind, with no attachment to remedies, that we can perceive the core energy of the case.

Always look for the one thing, that if it were to heal, everything else about the case would heal also. Usually, this is reflective of the core of the case.  As an example, we often confuse anger, sadness, and other more presenting emotional symptoms as the core of the case. But if there is an underlying sensitivity that leads to anger or sadness, then we will be only finding remedies that will scratch the surface of the case.

The external presenting symptoms will be survival tools to manage life. But when the sensitivity resolves, the anger or sadness will resolve too. We must be able to perceive the deeper part of the case.

Think of how the person has compensated and what survival tools they have learned. These are usually the more presenting symptoms the person will talk about. Always ask yourself why this could be the best solution for a person. You will be getting closer to the essence of the case when you do. The answer to this question is usually always in their words. If it has not appeared in their words, it will usually be what is undeniable, right before our eyes. Sometimes cases like this are the most difficult to perceive because we take for granted the common ways people present themselves.

So when there are a myriad of symptoms, let the words the person uses to describe them be the pointer to the energy of the case. Find rubrics but always try to perceive the core energy behind all of the dis-ease symptoms. Understand what the symptoms are all about before looking for remedies. See the thread that ties them all together. Then you will be getting closer to what is asking to be healed and able to find the best remedy.

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