Homeopathy and Dreams

philosophy Dec 10, 2020
Dreams are a part of everyone’s lives. In our repertory, an entire section of the mind has been devoted to dreams. Why would this be so significant when a dream does not seem to be even related to reality?
We often use dreams in repertizations as a way to understand the person. Sometimes a significant dream or recurring dream can have an important impact on understanding the case. It is common for a person to dream much more after taking a remedy or after changing potencies. This is because the dream comes from the subconscious state of the person. All aspects of the mind are under the influence of the vital force. Hahnemann stated that the vital force rules with unbounded sway. This means it will affect ALL aspects of a person including ALL aspects of the mind. When the vital force is inspired by a remedy, the dream world will reawaken also.
Dreams are infiltration of the subconscious into the conscious. The subconscious rules much more of our existence than we believe. Faint notions, moments of inspiration, or doubt can come from the subconscious mind. We rarely make note of these. But when the subconscious speaks to us in sleep, there is no conscious mind to override the subtlety of the subconscious.
The significance of the dream can be minor or major. It all depends on how we remember the dream and the impact it has on us. When provings are done with remedies, many times dreams can tell much about the inner world of the energy of the remedy. These are always recorded and many themes can emerge.
When receiving a case, I often ask about any recurring dreams a person may have. I find this does not usually determine a remedy (remember it is ALWAYS necessary to know what is asking to be healed) but can often add to confirmation of a remedy. In rare instances, it may be the true glimpse into the purest expression of the dis-ease though. In such cases, the dream may be key to the case.
Always ask about dreams in the initial consultation. In the first follow-up, ask about dreams again. It is often one way to determine if the person has been responding to the remedy. If they report that their dreams have been remarkable, active, and vivid, it usually indicates that the subconscious mind has been inspired and is working to bring resolution to the conflicts of life. This is a major part of the healing response. Just as a dream may be confirmatory to the remedy prescribed, dreams may also be confirmatory to whether the remedy is working or not.

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