Getting Out of Your Own Way

philosophy Oct 06, 2020

The primary goal of any homeopath is to have a clear understanding of the case before us and find the best remedy to inspire a person's healing. This may sound easy but it is the one place every homeopath and most people struggle. The questions of doubt that come up in our minds like, ”Will I ever find the right remedy?” or “I don’t have a case” or “I’m running out of time” can be tamed and even overcome. It does take practice though.

These hindrances are created out of our own mind and insecurities. If we could approach every case with a clear understanding and confidence, then it would make our jobs much easier. We would be better homeopaths. In essence, we get in our own way.

Here are some tips that I have found that can help with getting out of one's own way.

  • Set your intention – Before I come to any case, I take a moment to set my intention. This means letting go of any extraneous thoughts I have and visualizing how it will be and finding what is asking to be healed and finding the very best remedy. This aligns myself with my purpose, what  I am doing, and why.
  • Ask for help – This is probably the most important step in this process of getting out of one’s own way. This means in a prayer asking for help and guidance for the case to unfold as it is supposed to. There is much help in the universe from higher powers than ourselves. These entities want to help but will not interfere with our own free will. They respect this. We must get out of our own way to ask for help. Believe me when I tell you; they are listening. If you have ever felt stuck in a case, try this sometime. Silently ask for help and notice what happens. Your client may just start talking about all of the things that are necessary to find that right and perfect remedy. It works.
  • Ask for help again – When you are feeling stuck, impatient, confused, or any other feeling that is your own and keeping you from seeing the case clearly, ask for help! What you may notice is a calm descends over you, a quieting of the mind. This will not stop you from doing analysis and focusing on the case. You will find that your focus will dramatically shift and you will then have greater insight, knowing-ness, and intuition.

Practice makes perfect, they say. I find that this practice does indeed have lasting and profound results. We are ego-driven by nature. Our egos make us think we are the doers. I have come to believe that in the end, we are not the doers as much as we are the experiencers. When we stop taking control and allow, everything shifts. It is against the ego mind's idea of itself. But it does work. If our intention has been set, we will show up. It is not as if we go brain-dead and stop thinking.

The mind is like a computer and it is always processing everything our senses perceive. Without a focus and intention, it is easy to get lost in the ego minds chatter. It will tell us many things that may or may not be true. Willfully directing our minds to focus and complete our thoughts can be challenging. This is especially true when we are being a homeopath.

If we submit to powers that are benevolent and higher than our own, we can sidestep the distractions of our mind and get out of our ego entrapment. This submission requires faith and trust. If we are able to ask for help and trust this process, it is the easiest and quickest way to get out of our own way. Then we can be free to be the unprejudiced observer Hahnemann has described.

Try it. It works!

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