Does the Vital Force Ever Make Mistakes?

philosophy Mar 04, 2024

When we fall ill, it is often believed that we have caught something or have been the unfortunate recipient of bad luck. This would indicate that maybe the vital force has made a mistake, that, somehow, it has gone against us. From a limited perspective, this may seem true. But if we look closer, it may be that the vital force is doing just what it should be doing: preserving life.

That may sound a bit over the top. How can a life-threatening illness be saving our lives at the same time? We need to understand why we get sick. The way we get sick is never by accident and is ALWAYS the best solution to a mental or emotional conflict. When we understand a person's story and how they have seen their world, then the story and illness will make sense.

Hahnemann understood this when he wrote in Aphorism 9 that "the vital force rules with unbounded sway". Those are pretty strong words to describe the vital force's strength. Unbounded sway. Unbounded indicates there are no bounds or limits to this. Sway means that it holds the power to influence. No bounds or limits to the influence that the vital force has. If this is true, then how could it make a mistake? It is the spiritual reflection we are experiencing through the vital force. All that we experience is simply spirit playing out perfectly into our physical existence.

Because we have been given the gift of reason and free choice, we can make many choices. The biological body merely reflects those choices in physiological changes when the choice we have made is not working out. If we are in mental or emotional conflict or pain, we are in error. We are simply making a mistake in our understanding. I know it is not as simple as it sounds but if you boil it all down, it only takes a shift in how we see something to make a difference. The problem comes when life presents us with things we do not want and have to choose something we do not like. Therein lies the pain and suffering that is inherent in our existence.

So when we are challenged by life and forced to choose something we do not like, if we do not resolve the mental or emotional conflict, it becomes imprinted in the brain as a lesion. These lesions are observable through CAT scans. The type of conflict has specific locations in the brain. This is not random and everyone has the same programming in our species. The area of the brain where the conflict has been recorded has specific physiological functions and organs associated with it.

During the time of conflict, the physiology of the body is not being properly invigorated. Because the organism carries the need to survive in its programming also, it will be silent changes that happen to the body. Most of the time, we do not notice the changes until the body goes into the healing phase of the conflict. When we have finally come to peace with the conflict, the body will now present symptoms of the healing of the physiological changes that occurred. We most often misidentify this as illness or disease when in fact it is a healing process.

This is where homeopathy really can help by re-inspiring the vital force to heal the conflict as well as the body. All too often, we get stuck in the healing phase and call it a chronic illness. The vital force does not EVER make mistakes. When we understand the correlation between the conflict and how the healing of it must be played out in the physical being, it usually makes perfect sense. It is not by accident that the vital force expresses itself the way it does. It is programmed for survival and is part and parcel of our existence as a spiritual being with bodily experience.

Because of the Western medicine model which needs to label suffering as a disease name, we have lost much of the true meaning of our illnesses. In the absence of a named disease, the body will present symptoms perfectly reflecting the attempt to heal the mental/emotional conflict. The body never lies. We can hide parts of our story when talking to the Homeopath but the bodily symptoms tell the story in completion.

I find my job is much like an investigator searching for clues to solving the case. What happened to this person? When did it occur and how does this timing relate to the body’s changes? When the story has been told and the body’s response noticed, it is much easier to determine what is asking to be healed. The person's physical as well as mental/emotional sufferings become the road map to follow in restoring health to the person. This works without fail if our knowledge of Materia Medica is sufficient to find the correct remedy to inspire their healing process and we have a great understanding of the healing process.

The greatest mistake we can make is to misunderstand illness, especially during homeopathic treatment. The body may go through many different expressions during the healing process and if we mistake it for a continuation of their illness, we may miss the biggest healing of all. At the same time, if homeopathy is not helping then we could be missing important time in helping to inspire the person to heal. It is a fine line we walk. Having knowledge of the person and the progression of their illness is a must.

Trusting that the vital force could never make a mistake makes our job much easier once we have firmly accepted this. Then it becomes an academic endeavor to find the correct remedy. We will have our road map to return the person to health. I have found this process of discovery to be one of the most valuable parts of helping people. When it is understood correctly, the person is finally on the side of themselves as they see why their body has done what it has done. It makes sense. When this happens to a person, a big roadblock to their restoration of health is removed.


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