Controversies on Homeopathic Methods

philosophy Jul 15, 2021

One of my dear students presented me with a paper written by George Vithoulkas about the different methods being taught in homeopathy right now. It was a comparison of the Hahnemannian approach as outlined in the Organon and newer methods being taught by different teachers around the world; more specifically Sankaran, Scholten, Becker and Chappell.

Vitholkas' argument is that many of the newer ways of understanding homeopathy are not following the Organon and that many newer remedies have not been proven in a classical sense. I happen to agree with Vitholkas very much on this. Even though great understanding can be gained by experimenting and extrapolating ideas, the remedies need to be proven. Much happens in the proving of the real substance that needs to be organized through a proper proving.

I do not discount the newer methods though. I too have created remedies from intention alone and experienced the effects of the proving. But I have never published these results as fact about the remedy. It was as much for amusement as it was for learning. As for giving a remedy with intention alone, I do it every day. No harm could ever come with a well-intentioned prayer but I have never relied on intention alone. I will always have the client get the physical remedy and take it as directed. Nothing will take the place of a well-made remedy. It would be foolish to not give a remedy.

As for the new methods of understanding the kingdoms that have been elaborated on by Scholten and Sankaran, I respect their work greatly. I use all sources of information in selecting any remedy. But more important than the system or method is the personal spiritual evolution of the homeopath. Without a clear knowledge of what is to be healed in the client, the homeopath will never be able to help. In order to have this clear understanding, the homeopath must be on his/her own spiritual journey and following universal law to continue to improve their own life. This in my opinion is paramount to any system or method.

I am very lucky to have had my teacher, Vega Rozenberg, make this very clear for me. As I continue to learn and grow in all ways, I find my work continues to grow as well. Using the basics of spiritual understanding in my own life only helps me be able to help others in theirs. This also allows me to embrace all methods of homeopathy. In the end, it is ALWAYS the personal, individual method of the homeopath.

When the homeopath is clear in themselves, they can be clear in the case. If not, any method will ultimately be useless. As I have said many times before, energy follows intent and if the homeopath's intent is to grow and evolve spiritually themselves, then they will evolve as a homeopath as well. With this in mind, the homeopath will be free to use any and all methods at their disposal to find the essence of the case and the best remedy available.

I say embrace ALL of the methods and be attached to none. It is through our attachments that we hold prejudice. It is the highest calling of the homeopath to be an unprejudiced observer. This is how I approach all of the new methods and leave controversy out of it.


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